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I understand we cannot modify the game sound files, but we can replace them with .wav files in a sound directory. I have tried this with no success. The old sounds still play, not my replacement wav files. Can anyone help me with I may be doing wrong.

I am using an MPQ editor to find the path of the original files, and duplicating the path in the /data/sound/* directories, then creating wav files of the same name. Yet the old sound still plays, not my wav files. Help?
Since 4.3, they have to be in .ogg format.
Do I need to convert the wav to ogg files or can i just rename them?
I believe you have to convert them.
If you're pulling sound files from the mpq and then placing them in the correct path in wow folder, that is no different from just default sounds. You gotta replace the default sounds with something custom but put them in the correct sound file path.

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