[H] The Dark Templars *Open Recruitment*

The Dark Templars is recruiting!

Cleared all normal before any nerf and ending cata at 5/8h

Looking to recruit for 25m in mop

Guild Master: Sazah
Officers: Restokinz/Pyrokinz, Chiarra, Juronen and Zelian.

What we need:

Tanks: Low need. Dk maybe
Healers: Monk/Shaman/priest
Dps: High need of all

However all exceptional people will be taken.

Friday/Sunday 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM.
Currently though, we have been clearing the whole place just on fridays.

Brief Guild History:
The Dark Templars has been around since 2007 and have been an active raiding guild. We are a casual guild however we get stuff done. In ICC we progressed through most hard modes casually. We were a 25m raiding guild and are now a 10m Raiding guild that is And hopeing to get down and progress on the heroic mode encounters. We PvP and do other Alt"y" things. We also run FL on thursdays as well for alts or for fun. Although we are casual we do expect potions and enchants if you'd like to be a consistant member.

Our guild website is:

Please use it as much as you want. We are consistently checking and updating it. It has about all the information listed here.

To Join:
We'd like you to answer some questions on our website and look around so you know that the guild is for you and we can know if you are for the guild. If you don't wish to do this you can talk to me, (Restokinz) I also have a Mage who I raid on (Pyrokinz) who I am on regularly, or are GM (Sazah) in game about joining. If you mainly want to talk about PvP please talk to me and mainly pve talk to Sazah. But in general we are both informed and can answer any questions
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are Sazah's Words of Wisdom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
prepare yourself...
Anyone in the guild is welcome to use it. This includes things like questing, arena, and chatting in general. You may use it for a 10man your group needs vent, but you need to get permission before inviting another guild into our vent for their guild run. If you’re in a 25man, you MUST get permission because we only have room for 30 people. If you leave the guild, you may not use our vent anymore unless you’re talking to a guild member. If there are any problems in vent, let Sazah or an officer know. You can always mute people if you need to.

Guild Ranks:
Initiate is the default rank. It includes any friends or family members that join because they know a member, any new recruits and people that aren’t max level yet.
Trial is the other beginner rank. These are the people that are specifically recruited for raiding.
You go up to Champion by attending a raid or RBG and doing well. Also you can move up if you’ve been in the guild for a long time and you’ve been active and helpful to the other members. You have to be max level for this rank.
Probation is rarely used. It’s for anyone that is getting hacked or misbehaves after a warning has been given. You can’t talk in guild chat if you’re this rank.
Warlords are players that are in this guild strictly for PvP. You’re given the same bank access as the raiders.
Dark Knight is our raiding rank. These are people that have been to at least 3 raids and have performed well.
Dark Marshal is our first officer rank.
Black Seneschal is basically the officer on steroids rank.Bank:
The 1st tab is now free. You can put in anything that will help someone level, get achievements, turn in for rep, whatever. Any low level profession mats that you want to give away go in the 5th tab. Anyone can take things out as long as you use them for your profession. Nothing in the guild bank can be sold for personal profit.
If there’s something you think needs to be stocked for use, let Chiarra know. If there’s a BoE you want her to be on the lookout for, let her know.
BoEs: Mail Chiarra if you are interested in one. It’ll take about a week to see if anyone else is interested and she’ll price it for you according to information from several websites.
***edit (chiarra speaking) if its a newly aquired item, it will take approximately one week for me to see if there is anyone else interested. You know, give everyone a chance to see our precious shiny and contact me if they are interested. If its something that's been sitting around forever and a day, other people have had plenty of time.***

Right now we’re doing main spec over off-spec.
IF it is a BoE and a guild run, Roll main spec. If no one needs it, it goes to the guild bank for members to buy at half price.
IF it is a BoE with 1 or 2 pugs, roll main spec. If no one needs it, it goes to the guild bank.
If there are 3 or more pugs, everyone rolls. If a pug wins, they get it. If a guildy wins, it goes to the guild bank.
IF it is a BoP with only guildies, roll main spec. Roll off-spec. If no one needs it, it gets sharded and put in the guild bank.
IF it is a BoP with pugs, Roll main spec. Roll off-spec. If no one needs it, everyone rolls.
If a pug wins the roll, shard it and give it to the pug.
If a guildy wins, shard it and put it in the bank.

There are exceptions. If we have a discussion and everyone agrees on something, we can change the rules for that roll.

When you’re in your off-spec, you still roll for your main spec as long as you state before the drop what your main spec is. If is your job to make sure the loot master knows what you’re rolling for. IF you don’t and something drops for your main spec, everyone must agree it’s okay for you to roll main spec. If they don’t agree, you must roll off-spec and make it known that you’re rolling main spec for the next drop.
To Raid:
Show up ready to raid. This means know the fights. Know YOUR role in the fight. Have a flask, all your enchants, and be gemmed properly. If you need help with this, please ask someone before the raid. Like, WAY before the raid. We can’t spend the first ten minutes passing around mats and looking for enchanters. If you have questions about the fight, PLEASE ask before we pull. I’d rather discuss it for two minutes instead of wiping for ten. If you’re embarrassed or don’t want to say it in vent, whisper Sazah or the raid leader and it will be explained to you.

About raid behavior:
- do not be rude to pugs
- do not argue with the raid leader
- do not yell at players
- do not make a fool of yourself by blindly following a pug that doesn’t know what he’s talking about
- we’re doing progression bosses now. Expect to wipe a lot. Don’t throw a fit if we die.
- I WILL NOT lead a raid that doesn’t want to be lead. If you want to interrupt me, I’m not going to bother trying to lead, because you obviously don’t want me to. Keep it up and I won’t bother getting a group together either.
- don’t act up in a pug group EVER. This goes for everyone. We are labeled with the guild name. If you act like a fool, we all look like fools.
- we have a no-ninja policy. If I hear about any of you stealing loot, you’re getting kicked from the guild.
- don’t be obnoxious in trade chat
- don’t group quit to be a jerk
- don’t leave the guild as a joke because it’s not funny. If you do, don’t expect to get back in, at least until your guild rep drops off. And don’t expect your rank back.

All this stuff is common sense. Sorry if that last part was a bit harsh, but behavior is very important. This is a game that you’re playing with real people. If players set aside time to raid, make it enjoyable for everyone. You may feel like you’re wasting your time by wiping, but you’re wasting 9 other people’s time by leaving the group. Rage-quitters don’t get invited back.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here or ask Restokinz or Sazah.
The Dark Templars does have the "Are you not Entertained" Achvment. We've had a handful of high rated arena players.

As far as RBGs are concerned we did them a lot in Season 10 and some in Season 9. We are starting RBGs again shortly, Looking for excellent applicants for Rbgs as well.PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE AND SUMBIT AN APPLICATION TO JOIN!
Our officers are very quick in responsing to you. Give it about 1-2 days 3 days tops.
Feel free to talk to me (Restokinz/Pyrokinz) or Sazah. Or post on the forum for any quick questions.
Shameless knock to the top
Need a Holy Paladin for Rated BGs
Also several more decent people for a 2nd DS group to fill would be awesome.
Bumping for the fact that we got our 3rd heroic boss down on friday night
Bumping this up because we are recruiting more for the launch of Mists, We are farming multiple Heroic Bosses and full clears Friday nights at 7:30 gearing up guildes and trying out new recruits prior to MoP. If your intersted please Apply.
Do you need a DK tank ? i currently can do friday and saturday nights? atm 5/8hm
Right now we are able to kill everything on friday. But when MoP comes out with a lot of bosses (16) we will most likely need to raid both nights. As far as DK tank goes that can be pretty good. We've been sorting through several random tanks in the guild at the momment I couldn't promise you a spot right away. But If you go apply on our website and your good and know how to taunt and not get hit by hagara's pew pew thing than we'll take you. So if you choose to apply either me or another officer will get back to you within a few days after we've had a chance to discuss. Thanks for considering us. And good luck with whatever you end up doing.
16 bosses actually, not including the 2 world bosses :o
World Bosses wil suck for us since we are 10M raiding and Horde on this server, I can only see server balancing being worst in MoP. Unless the cross realm zones apply there as well idk probably do.
Hey there!
I am looking for a raiding guild that is doing Cataclysm raids for now and will progress to MoP later. I read through your posts and it seems like your guild is well organized and has good policies in place. About me:

As you can see I am a level 82 rogue that will be leveling to 85 ASAP. I am currently on vacation however till July 12. I used to be very active in WoW vanilla but took a break from the game to focus on school since 2006, meaning when I returned a month ago I had 3 expansions to catch up on! There has been an insane amount to learn as you can know (last time I played there was no transmorg, reforge, item levels, etc) but I have spent some time online and on YouTube trying to catch up whilst leveling at the same time.

As you can tell my gear is not impressive as I have not finished leveling and have been out of the game for a long time. However I am looking to learn and improve and pick up things extremely quickly. Am I someone that would be able to do a trial raid with you guys or talk with someone about joining? I am currently in a friends guild to help me level faster as it is level 25.

I do understand that I am behind and will have some catching up to do.

Please email me at wendall89@gmail.com with your response and we can talk there!
Still looking for someone who is planning on playing monk as their main in MoP for us to raid with prefably someone with fast leveling exp and who is willing to fulfill multiple monk roles as we may need.

However we are still looking for several others to join us in MoP, we are starting RBGs again as well so the more the meryier. Espically people who have alts or are hybrid. All great apps are considered.

Ugh kinda wish I did the annual pass thing so I could play MoP-beta...
Bump :)
We killed heroic Hagara so I am bumping. Also had some nice/close attempts on Gunship battle.
Hopefully we can claim a 6/8 next week and start working on the nightmare that is "spine of deathwing"

Still would like Extra raiders and people to join the guild.

Tanks: Paladin/Monk/
Healers: Monk/Shaman
Dps: Hunter/Dk/Druid

We encourage all intersted to apply as well. We wub friends

Lately I've been pondering raiding boomkin on my druid. Sounds scary too me, will you hold my hand in raids Restokinz?
I offer:
Hand holding during each heroic mode fight.
High Fives every 30 seconds
A hug each time you take damage.
I can also ruffle your hair if we kill a boss

All of these cost various amounts of prices you can mix match as well to get a cheaper price.

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