Soldiers Live and Wonder Why (IC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Fenris had finally gotten them all horses and had quickly moved to join Mara outside the city, standing outside the small hut while she walked in he continued to scan the horizon, wondering when they would be attacked. Marks had told him that official looking mages had been watching them and he had seen a black-clad mage watching them intently, it was only a matter of time in Fenris' mind till they were attacked. "Spread out, form a tight defensive circle, keep two men in your sights at all times. I have a bad feeling..." Fenris muttered, turning to Marks and making a series of combat command hand gestures that any veteran soldier would know. It was one way for Fenris to find out what was going on with Marks or if the man was even a soldier at all.

It was at that point Mara came out and Fenris moved to silence her but too late, screams started going off all around them. "Sh*t! Close in tight! Get me eyes on the attacker!" Fenris shouted, whirling about as he drew his twin-blades and checked all the points. He noticed two of his men were down and he was on the verge of cursing fluently, this entire mission was turning into a debacle in a matter of a few hours.


Torgaddon couldn't believe his luck, they had left the city early to meet with some Broken and now here they were all gathered together so easily destroyed. Torgaddon reached into the magical ley-lines of Outland and let his body be surrounded by magic so that he became invisible to any who were not skilled in the magical arts. The Worgen warrior who seemed to be in charge was an experienced campaigner and instinctively felt the ambsuh. Torgaddon smiled it would do him no good in the end. As the soldiers moved to get into position Torgaddon struck out, his two small axes glowing with power as he launched himself at the two nearest Legionnaires slicing off their weapon arms and then silencing them forever.

Torgaddon was again in motion as Fenris started shouting orders and a cold evil laugh left his throat. "It does not matter what you do warrior. You cannot fathom the power I wield!" Torgaddon said as he became visible again and paced in front of the group. He smiled at them and beckoned a few more warriors forward to fight him, his choler was up and he was in his fighting trance. Darius had taught the battle-mage well for here he was again dealing death and revelling in the power of his arts. "Peace is a lie, there is only passion!" Torgaddon howled as three of Fenris' squad charged at him. One was sent flying backwards into a tree while another found his weapon locked with Torgaddon's the battle-mage's slight frame being enhanced by the magics he wielded.

The third was being held aloft in the air as Torgaddon crushed the life from his body with arcane energies. "Through passion I gain strength." Torgaddon intoned as he tossed the now limp corpse of the Legionnaire at the one he was in combat with. It was at this point that Fenris growled and stepped forward to meet this new threat. "You should not have come elf, I will destroy you where you stand and eat your corpse!" Fenris growled, spinning his twin-blades with expertise as he sunk into a defensive crouch. Torgaddon's smile widened, realizing he was fighting a true warrior now. "Through strength I gain power." Torgaddon continued to intone as he leapt forward, his body yet again enhanced with magic to speed up his attacks and movements.

Fenris was caught off guard as the battle-mage struck, forcing the worgen back a few steps before Fenris locked their weapons together, standing chest to chest with the elf. "My turn." Fenris replied and kicked out forcing Torgaddon backwards a few steps.


Silver was at first suprised when a new enemy stepped up to defend the marine he was about to fight but that lasted for the first moment as he side stepped her shield bash while spinning around to bring his pistol yet again to bear. He fired off two rounds, one at the marine behind his newest enemy and one at the woman warrior he was fighting. Silver thought he recognized her but shook the thought away, stray thoughts like that had led more than one soldier to their death. He quickly holstered the pistol then and lunged forward with his scimitar, keeping his balance centered in case the warrior decided to use her superior strength against the bounty hunter.

While Silver was an excellent fighter he was still no match for one who dedicated their life to the arts of close quarter combat. Most of the Captains had watched and dueled with each other and they all knew the others strengths, so Silver was sure that he could handle the warrior if he treated her like he would Fenris, Crom or Ashok, with care. "Come on girlie! Let's see if ya shoulda stayed in the kitchen!" Silver shouted trying to provoke the warrior into rash action.


Ashok wiped swept from his brow, he was standing in the small ring of warriors that had joined him in the boarding of the port-side Alliance airship. Most of the marines were hunkering down behind shields or other cover because several of Fifth Company had jumped over with them and were peppering the deck with bullets and arrows. "Let's move! To the engine room!" Ashok shouted and the affirmative grunts of his soldiers answered him as he led a second charge at the engine room of The Dauntless' ((This is the name of the port-side Alliance Airship, the starboard side one is named The Light's Vengeance)) but before the Captain and his men could reach it they were intercepted by Captain Stormfury and his retinue of elite bodyguards.

"You will get off my ship willingly or I will throw you off of it!" The Alliance Captain cried at Ashok as he stepped forward, expecting the latter warrior to also act with honor. Smiling Ashok stepped through his men and moved to stand a dozen or so feet away from Stormfury. "You will meet your maker this day warrior, do you have any last words?" Ashok said, his voice confident yet not arrogant. "Your arrogance will be your undoing!" Stormfury cried and with that met Ashok in combat to the cheers and roars of the soldiers around them as more joined the fray.


Crom howled in victory as he stood triumphant over the bloodied corpse of the Night Elf Captain who was in command of The Light's Vengeance. The battle had lasted for maybe a few minutes before Crom decided to end it with his bloodthirsty assault that only a few had ever stood through. Crom's massive battle-axes were held with an expert's touch, both dripping blood as Crom gazed out across the ship that he and his men were fighting on. "Prisoners until the Captain says otherwise!" Crom shouted, the order being met with boo's and hisses to which Crom chuckled and waved a hand at them, "If any of you wish to challenge that order I'll toss your carcass of the side like this!" Crom shouted with a roar as he kicked the Kaldorei's body over the edge of the ship and into the Frozen Sea below them.

"The rest of you get on those guns and get this thing turned so we can help out our brothers on the other ship!" Crom shouted and this order was met with a round of cheering.


Tai quickly dispatched another marine and then sent his pet ghoul off after a few more as he turned to regard the prisoner that Allaynna had captured. He smiled down at the paladin and stepped forward as he back handed the paladin and laughed after doing it. "Keep him, he will make for great sport in passing the long hours of this journey for those of our kind." Tai said as he looked up at Allaynna, "You do well, I had not expected you to have such a taste for blood. A welcome surprise sister." Tai said with a hand over his chest in salute as he turned back to the fight at hand.

The fighting had started so quickly that Mara had trouble getting balance on her horse. The frightened animal reared and screamed, Mara finally forced to jump off. Once on the ground she looked around in shock. The image of Torgaddon was well lit to her and she did not recognise the man. In quick order she sent a dispel and a counterspell at him to disrupt his magic. She would give Fenris all the support she could. Casting a magic shield around her form, she called to Jonus. "Stay close to me, Jonus...I may need your help ..." though she was more worried the boy would attack the seasoned warrior in front of her and get himself killed.

The soldiers around them were closing in and Mara was amazed that one man was causing all this trouble. "He is one man...don't let him fool you...magic is magic...he is still vulnerable some how..." she yelled encouragement at the men as she readied a blast of arcane at Torgaddon.

It soon became apparant to Mara this was no ordinary mage. Her counterspell did not seem to affect him or she had not used a powerful enough charge. Using the pendent around her neck she dipped into the ley lines and called forth her water elemental. The blue force of water coalesced near her and started shooting frost bolts at Torgaddon. Moving back against the small hut she heard Nobontu shout from inside in his cracked and hoarse voice. "Destroy that not use it..." as he locked his hut door and slammed a magic shield over it she could not penetrate.

Smirking at the resourcefullness of the old Broken, Mara was actually glad he still had spunk enough to protect himself. But why he had not given her any information on the relic worried her. What was it and could she use it? She did not have time to study it, curse Fenris for not letting her look at it earlier.

The arcane blasts came fast and furious now as she leveled them at Torgaddon. Each one successively more powerful as she drew from the ley lines. Her missiles pounded into him as she again readied her counterspell. Keeping a man sheild over her she watched the mage as he fought. Trying to discern what he was exactly...he was no ordinary mage , that was sure.
Theta Base

Nirus grimaced as he stepped through the portal into Outland. To a Servant, the sensation was similar to being flipped upside-down several times underwater, and the minute he was through, the black-robed man reached out and braced himself against a nearby wall for a second. After a moment of recovery, he straightened and looked around at one of the many bases of the Cabal. This section of the base was a long hallway with portal alcoves spread throughout. A party of about twenty fellow Servants -he had never seen any of them before- had clearly been notified of his arrival and had assembled to meet him. Nirus looked around at the group; they all had dimly glowing red lines branching across their faces at right and forty-five degree angles. That was one of the side effects to the process of becoming a Servant. Nirus faced a Servant with a distinctive pattern on his face: probably the second-in-command for this base.

“Yana Nirus.” he said, bowing slightly at the waist and bringing his left hand to his right shoulder. The greeting and rank identified him as near the very top of the Servant power structure: he would be the superior to anyone except the head of the Servant's operation here. The other man mirrored his greeting.

“Chan Sorsim.” A slightly lower rank, then. Above the average Servant, but not high enough to be given his own independent command. “We were told you could inform us about this latest sensation.” Of course. The Servants here would undoubtedly have known the moment the Titan artifact entered the city: that was what made the Servants so special. They were implanted with a sixth sense, one that naturally occurred in most magic-users but was enhanced by the procedure. They could sense magic as easily as another man could smell or hear or feel. Something as distinct as a Titan artifact would have been like dropping a corpse in a sea full of sharks.

“I do. Walk with me. We will retrieve the artifact, and I will brief you on the way.” The group of Servants followed him immediately, with the two Chans moving up to flank him. The Servants were regarded as distinctly odd by the rest of the Cabal for their extreme adherence to rank, simultaneous lack of formality, and a total, almost blind obedience to the orders of those above them. The Servants typically replied by pointing out that, however unusual they may be, no one in the Cabal could deny how many times they had proved their worth over the years. “A mercenary group calling themselves the 'Black Legion' has recently recovered a Titan artifact with an unknown function. Someone they described as a 'murderous sorcerer' is attempting to retrieve it. They were unable to discern its purpose in Dalaran, and have brought it to Shattrath to find someone who can tell them what it does.” The group arrived at one of the permanent portals, exiting just outside Shattrath itself. “We will retrieve it before we can lose track of it.” Nirus walked through, bracing himself for the transition.

Outskirts of Shattrath City

The Servants quickly spread out and enveloped the area around the hut, moving as silently as ghosts. Their black leather armor blended in with the shadows of the forest,and their weapons and shields were all blackened. Nirus and the two Chans were perched on top of a small hill, watching the events unfolding below. One of the soldiers, it seemed, was a fraud. The scent of mind-warping magic was thick on him, like crows covering a corpse. The artifact was certainly in that hut: the senses of every Servant were practically on fire so close. The mage and fel-taint of a Broken inside were nearly indiscernible by comparison, like a pair of candles next to a bonfire. And lurking behind it all was a scent that every single Servant was intimately familiar with: a battlemage. The Servants waited for the right moment, tensing up as an invisibility spell was put up; that almost certainly meant an attack soon.

Nirus watched calmly as the mage came bursting out of the hut, and the battlemage attacked the group. The level of skill he showed was certainly worthy of caution, but nothing twenty Servants couldn't deal with. The combat style of the Worgen reminded Nirus of someone he had met years ago- a certain golden-eyed man. He briefly wondered who would win in a fight. The Yana's ruminations were cut short by the feeling of Chan Etinan preparing a spell as the mage joined the fray. Nirus stretched out a hand and gently tapped the Chan's shoulder. The orc looked over, and Nirus shook his head.

“Patience, Chan, patience. Wait until they are inextricably engaged. But keep that spell handy, just in case.” Nirus began preparing his own arsenal of spells, building up power for a single devastating strike that would enable the Servants to swoop in and take the artifact. And then... he thought. And Nirus smiled coldly.
The battle on the deck of the airship would soon begin to die down, what with the opposing airships being dispatched by the other companies. He grabbed a Night Elf by the throat, and quickly ran her through with his glaive. Blood seeped from her mouth soon after, and the Death Knight tossed her body over the edge without a second thought.

"Captain Tai, sir. You said prisoners for some... fun?" he inquired his company commander. At that moment, he had seized another gnome Marine in shadow energy, holding him up by the throat and squeezing slightly, then letting loose. Letting the gnome get some air again, and then squeezing it back out.

A sudden searing burn sensation going from his shoulder to his opposite hip struck him. Roaring in pain, it caused him to throw the Gnome far over the edge of the ship with ease, and turning around, saw a paladin who had whipped the Death Knight across the back with holy fire. Dristis pointed the blade of his glaive at the Paladin, stomped his right foot into the ground and a blast of frigid air and shards of ice blew outward and struck the Paladin, slamming him into a wall and sticking him to it. He walked up to the Paladin, who had several spots of blood from shards of ice piercing his skin. He stuck his fingers in the collar of his targets armor, disarmed him with his glaive, and ripped him from the ice pinning him to the wall. Dristis was driven by only anger now, and kicked the Paladin to his knees, punched him across the face, breaking the paladin's nose, and raised his glaive high above his head.

All that was heard was a swift slice, the thud of a head hitting the ground, and the clatter of plate armor crumpling to a lifeless heap on the deck of the ship. Dristis walked off, still angry and burnt from the holy spell, and regrouped with his fellow Death Knights.

Jonas wanted to attack the stranger who had attacked their group but managed to stop himself. When the attack came, Jonas had leapt from his horse and started to charge at the single enemy. Jonas stopped short when Mara called for him. Jonas glanced back at Mara and then looked back at the mage that was attacking the group. 'He's no ordinary mage' thought Jonas as he backed off and went to Mara's side just when she called up her water elemental. Jonas had his sword at the ready and waited for a target to attack. Dawnstar glowed with a faint golden radiance as did Jonas's armor. Jonas appeared to count to ten to calm himself for he wanted to join in the fray but saw the wisdom in staying out of it.


Scaven hacked away at the marine he was fighting with his massive axe. There were marines everywhere on the ship, coming from the Alliance ship. As he swung, he saw a glimpse of Ashok on the Alliance ship. He had tried to cross over to that ship but there were about four marines between him and the Dauntless. Clawfyre was at his side and Galaire was a few feet away, battling a kaldorei marine.
Scaven's swing struck the marine he was attacking square in the chest. Clawfyre killed the marine that was attacking him and Galaire struck down the kaldorei marine she was fighting.

With determination on her face, Grace stared hard at the man she was fighting, trying to keep the distance they had closed. He was able to slip away and shoot twice, harming the marine behind her, the man screaming as it went straight through, the pain throbbing in his arm. Grace placed her shield up and failed, a wince and a yelp escaping her as the bullet penetrated her shoulder. The gap between them was closed again as he drew his scimitar, trying to slice away at Grace.

"Come on girlie! Let's see if ya shoulda stayed in the kitchen!"

Grace had to snicker as the man's comment came ringing her ears. "Kitchen? I've baked my share of pies, thank you very much. I think it's time people recognize what I can do with my sword!" she replied, smirking.

She watched his scimitar, ducking below it and swinging her sword at his leg, allowing a cut to enter his skin. As she hopped back up, Grace couldn't help but notice the man's voice. It was strangely familiar. The accent was alarming her but she scowled at herself, shoving the thoughts away. She was here to win, to get this airship back, and head back to Stormwind. Stupid Oliver.

As Grace was about to slam her shield into Silver, the eruption of cheers and hisses broke her focus. She whipped her head around to her airship, The Dauntless, to see it being attacked with the Black Legion's soldiers. Grace scowled and blocked a hit Silver had aimed for. She hefted up her sword again, this time aiming for his upper arm again, and was interrupted as a cannon hit the ship.

Grace lost her footing, cursing herself as she tumbled forward, bumping into Silver and causing him to fall beneath her. She gasped at herself, feeling embarrassed for the fall. Then it dawned on her... she could use this to her advantage. She pushed all of her force into the fall, hoping to crush Silver and let him feel the full impact of hitting the floorboards. Her shield lay between them, and Grace wrenched her eyes open, peeking at the man under her.

The strong scent of cigarette smoke wafted through her nostrils and Grace reeled back in surprise. It certainly wasn't her, she hadn't had a cigarette for a couple of hours. She glanced back at the man and quirked a brow, rolling herself off of him and scowling, standing up on her feet in a quick motion. It couldn't be him... could it? How odd it would be to run into him here... Then again, he did use those weapons...

Having her sword pointed down at Silver's chest as he lay on the floor, Grace stood over him, a smug grin on her face as she allowed recognition to wash over her. "Yeah... Silver, the kitchen is definately not for me. Though I think I did promise to cook you something once, didn't I?"
The ship rocked with cannon fire, both from their own cannons and the Alliance and Horde ship raking them with fire. Jazzy was starting to falter, the pain was too much...the wooden sliver stuck into her stomach was throbbing, blood leaking around the wound. She had been peppered with shrapnel from the other shots slamming into the ship.

Cuts and scratches were nothing to her and she had taken hits before in battle, but she still fought to stay awake. Grabbing at a nearby cabinet she hoped to find some healing potions...which she did..but she almost passed out as she reached for the potion. The cork was bitter as she pulled it out with her teeth, one hand still on the helm as she spun it clockwise to turn the ship again. Slowly the ship came about, angling away from the Alliance ship, giving them less of a target.

She swallowed as much of the potion as she could without gagging. The sweet syrup only partially covering the bitter taste. Relief flooded through her as the healing began. It would not complete until the sliver was removed, but at least now she was more awake....a mixed blessing as she watched the battle from the relative safety of the engine room..they had to win...or it was all over.

She wondered where Dalen was? Had he gone to the other ship? Or was he still fighting the marines who had boarded them...she longed to know he was at least still alive...he was good at his work...he was the best she had ever met...more than once she had thanked Elune she never had to actually face him in battle. As she spun the wheel again to maneuver the ship, her thoughts turned to the oddity of their mission and what Ashok hoped to accomplish. They would work together or die in between.
As he finally reached his companions, Valdemir finally allowed himself to relax. The last 5 minutes seem to stretch for an eternity. He wasn’t sure what was wrong; however he could feel I in his bones that not all was what it seemed. With a large and blatantly forced smile, Valdemir settled into position at the rear of the group.

It didn’t take long until Mara slowed her horse and fell back to talk with him. She began to ask a great number of questions, ones that he knew were coming. However he was saved from the embarrassing line as The young woman broke away moments later as they came within sight of the cabin.

As the rest of the group began to dismount, the elder gilnean did likewise. As his feet hit the ground, he felt a sharp pain in his boot. Cursing silently to himself Valdemir made his way over to a fallen log and sat down. Reaching down to his feet, the elder gilnean spoke under his breath disgruntly, “Damn hitch hiker, this is the end of your ride today.” Reaching into his boot Valdemir sent his weather beaten hand in search for the rock that was causing his torment.

After a couple of minutes of searching in vain, his old hands finally found purchase upon the offending party. As mara exited the hut Valdemir triumphantly ripped the thorn from his boot and held it aloft. With a triumphant smile Valdemir tapped into the leyline that flowed beneath terrokar. He was going to burn this son of a !@#$% to a cinder in recompense for the discomfort. It was at that moment that Valdemir felt his presence. Another being incredibly nearby was drawing the arcane as well. Instantly he knew that it was not mara, as this one’s signature was much more forceful and sinister. However before he could utter a word the being struck.

Leaping from behind a bush a man wielding twin axes and crackling with power began assaulting the party. Between strikes he would spout, prophetic sounding but still nothing more the nonsense, phrases about peace war and passion. Scoffing to himself Valdemir placed his boot upon his foot and drew his short blade from its sheath. With a quick incantation the blade became enveloped by a blue flame. As he surveyed the way the man fought, he found it quite familiar. Flash backs to his early days when he had fought the scourge began to dance across his mind.

“Your good,” the elder mage muttered to himself, “but your not that good. I have seen and fought with better..” This image of his mentor cam to the forefront of his mind. “Never go into battle angry, never underestimate your opponents Valdemir. It is a fool who lets passion cloud their judgment, lets anger guide their strikes, they are the first to fall.” The thought of his master caused a smile to appear on his face. With a silent thanks to the training he had received as a youth, Valdemir set to work.

Out of the corner of his eye, Valdemir could see Mara launching ball of pure arcane energy, at their foe. With intent eyes Valdemir watched as the spells struck home, the being seemed unphased. “Frontal assaults seem to be ineffective,” Valdemir thought to himself, “This being must have incredible power at his finger tips to be able to negate such powerful spells.” After a pause a thought came into his mind, “No matter how powerful the caster none can turn cold steel with their flesh alone!” Watching the man’s fluid movements, Valdemir sought first to constrict his movement.

Scanning the battle field one last time, Valdemir grew perturbed as he could have sworn he saw shapes moving just outside his line of vision. Shaking off the figments of his imagination, Valdemir set to work. Drawing upon the ley lines Valdemir reached out and crested a wall of ice behind their foe. The wall was impressive some 10 feet tall and 3 feet thick with jagged spike along the top. The wall created a half circle behind the man forcing his to straight into fenris’s maw if he wished to escape.

Focusing now on fenris, Valdemir began to wrap him in layers of defensive spell works. From his early years of combat, Valdemir knew how dangerous a skilled battle mage could be to a lone warrior, even one so expertly trained as his commanding officer. Layer upon layer of magic dampening spellwork, Valdemir carefully placed around his ally. While this would also inhibit any healers trying to help aswell, Valdemir didn’t have to worry about that non existent luxury. As the intricate spell matrix was set into motion, Valdemir prepared himself for the inevitable counter attack.
Airship Battle


"Yeah... Silver, the kitchen is definately not for me. Though I think I did promise to cook you something once, didn't I?"

Silver looked up and suddenly he finally saw why he recognized the woman who he had been fighting with. "Grace? What the hell are ya doin' here?!" Silver shouted over the roar of battle and then he saw something behind Grace and shouted, "NO!" But he was too late, Tai Stronghammer had come up behind Grace and with an unholy strength and dropped her onto the ground, a scythe's double edged blade at her throat as Tai turned to regard his fellow Captain. "Why do you cry no bounty hunter? Does her face please you? I have all but forgotten the longings of the flesh..." Tai's cold voice echoed across the sounds of battle as Silver got up off the ground.

"She's a friend of mine. I'll take it from here ya go an' handle the other prisoners eh?" Silver said, wondering why Ashok would ever let Tai, Fenris or Crom off the leash he kept them on. Tai shrugged as he spun his scythe around and decapitated a marine who was trying to come to Grace's rescue and the Death Knight turned to look at the corpse before turning back to look at Silver, "As you wish comrade..." Tai said, turning around and heading off towards where more combat was occurring. Silver got up and moved to extend a hand to Grace, "So ya gonna answer my earlier question?" Silver said with a light humor in his voice and a half smile on his face.

Outskirts of Shattrath


Fenris felt the vast amount of magic being flung around and had to give ground as Mara blasted away at Torgaddon who seemed to revel in it. "GIVE ME YOUR POWER!" The battle-mage shouted as he spun one of his battle-axes into the way of the spells and suddenly they started to lose their integrity. "It appears you have not learned the art of unweaving spells!" Torgaddon said with a laugh, his battle-lust and power increasing as more and more enemies moved to fight him. When Fenris backed off a few more Legionnaires stepped forward and found themselves at the mercy of Torgaddon's ruthless attacks.

Stepping to the right the Sin'dorei battle-mage dodged underneath a horizontal slash aimed for his chest and cut the legs out from under a Gilnean warrior. Then using his momentum the elf spun round in a counter-clockwise cirlce and decapitated the other warrior that had come at him. Cursing his decision Fenris again howled in rage and charged back into the fray, slamming a shoulder into Torgaddon and forcing the elf to give ground. Torgaddon simply smiled as he moved backwards yet again and came within a few feet of the ice wall that Valdemir had created. Fenris felt like he had the upper hand and drove forward with a series of alternating slashes to the left and right before driving forward with his right handed sword only to have it slam into the ice wall.

Spinning around Fenris saw what Torgaddon had done and simply gawked, the battle mage had climbed backwards up the wall and using magic pushed himself off of it to spin in the air over Fenris' head, "STOP HIM!" Fenris shouted, letting go of his blade in favor of throwing his other one at the retreating battle-mage who was making a bee-line straight for Mara. Torgaddon smiled as he saw his goal was in sight and sent a blastnova of energy at the three remaining soldiers running at him, sending them sprawling. Now all that was in his way was Valdemir and Mara, the battle-mage sending bolts of pure arcane energy flying towards the elder Gilnean mage while Torgaddon jumped into the air and seemed to fly through it as he enhanced his motion with magic, his trajectory taking him on a collision course with Mara.

"THROUGH POWER I GAIN VICTORY!" The Sin'dorei shouted in ecstasy, the thrill of battle feeding his rage and hatred which in turn gave him more power and more control. All Torgaddon could feel was the hum of power that the artifact was emanating like it was inviting him in.
The battlemage was coming right at her and Mara realized her mistake as he seemed to be absorbing the power into himself...her eyes grew determined however and she tapped into the discs. She made a dangerous move. Instead of flinging magic at Torgaddon she pulled it away, cutting it off like a surgeon would a cancerous lesion. Suddenly all the magic they had been throwing at each other was sucked away. The leylines were pure arcane, taking the source away from a mage was like depriving him or her of oxygen. The disc was never meant to be used this way. It resisted...with...stunning results....

Time seemed to stand still as Mara turned slowly to look at Valdemir with a look of guilt, she knew this would hurt the elder well as the Broken in the hut..she heard and felt the reverberations of the leylines as they snapped back into place. The broken howled in anguish as his hut exploded outwards, sending pieces of wood and dirt flying.

The horses screamed and bolted, the air was shattered by the deafening explosion of the Broken Nobotu's wards. The concussion send Mara flying to the left, she could not hold on to the discs...they flew out of her hands. For a split second she watched them then everything went black as she sank to the ground like a ragdoll.

Bits of debris floated in the air, tossed high by the concussion. Every mage within a few miles would have felt this, it would possibly disable them and even render them unconcious or dead, if they did not have powerfu l wards up. Those farther away would have felt the earth tremble violently. Elementals would have reacted with fury, attacking everything in sight.

Any and all of those hidden would have been sent flying like a warrior's thunderclap increased by tenfold. Whatever power the discs held, did not want to be tampered with.

As Jonas saw the battlemage heading towards Mara and him, he raised Dawnstar and got ready to strike out at the battle-mage. The moment never came as an sudden explosion happened that flung Jonas a good twenty feet in the air to the right. One of the Titan discs narrowly missed Jonas's head. Jonas landed on the ground hard, and he cursed loudly in Darnassian. He had lost his grip on Dawnstar when he had been flung in the air....Jonas thought it had went in the direction of Fenris but he didn't pay any attention.
When he landed on the ground, Jonas landed awkwardly on his shoulder.....which he knew he had broken the instant he landed. He cursed in Common as he rolled off of his shoulder and entered into a more comfortable position.


Scaven was fighting off a human marine. He had come closer boarding the Dauntless and joining Ashok, but he was still on the stolen airship. He had lost sight of both Galaire and Clawfyre, but he thought he heard the both of them fighting somewhere behind him. He neatly sliced at the human marine, causing him to fall to the deck dead. Scaven then ran forward through a tiny hole in the fighting and jumped onto the Dauntless. Once there, Scaven attacked all who wasn't part of the Legion.

Galaire glanced sideways and saw that Jazzy was in pretty bad shape. She couldn't do anything for Jazzy now , so she continued to fight off the marines that had gotten on board the Imdomible. Clawfyre was at her side with bits of blood on his black leather armor.

Torgaddon felt the ripple coming out of the relic and saw it go flying and he new his victory was at hand. Landing in front of Mara he saw the discs were still flying and he reached out to them with magic and pulled it to his hands. Time seemed to slow as the discs touched Torgaddon's fingers and then something extraordinary occurred. Shockwaves of pure magical energy rocketed out in every direction from the point of contact between Torgaddon and the Titan artifact. A pure white blinding light appeared where Torgaddon and the artifact where it slowly engulfed the battle-mage and the discs as more and more shockwaves were sent out. They blased Fenris and his men, the stalwart warriors barely capable of holding on as they were slid across the ground.

Fenris was now plastered against the ice wall that Vald had made as he watched with wide eyes what occurred to Torgaddon. What he saw shook him to his core as he saw the Titan artifact dissolve as it was absorbed into Torgaddon. All Fenris could hear now was the screams of the battle-mage, no longer was he laughing and smiling but screaming in pain as power that he could not control that he could not even contain. For Torgaddon all he felt was a searing in his body, as the relic burned away everything that made him mortal and an elf. His blood was burned away and replaced with arcane energy, no longer was he a creature of blood and flesh but of magic and flesh.

It was so painful yet so invigorating, as the process completed the blinding light was replaced by a hum of power and crackling lightning that surrounded Torgaddon as he fell to his hands and knees. As his senses returned to him Torgaddon realized everything had a red tint, that he could see the flow of magic with his normal eyes. "I am The Librarian, fear me." Torgaddon said, but not with his normal voice it echoed with power and hummed with electricity. Torgaddon then felt a presence in his mind that was trying to take control and realized that with this now limitless power he had to contend with whatever the Librarian was.

And suddenly an epic battle of wills occured, a battle that Torgaddon could not hope to win for the Librarian had absorbed all his darkness, all his ambition and greed and lust for power and was now using it against the battle-mage. So to all those looking at Torgaddon he appeared frozen in place, locked in a struggle for dominance in his own mind.
The Ruins of Nobontu's Hut

Nirus choked at the scene before him. The blast of power from the artifact had been bad enough- every Servant within two miles would have a splitting headache tomorrow- but this... Of all the effects, he certainly hadn't anticipated the Titan artifacts and the battlemage merging! And the Librarian?! The emanations coming off of that thing were palpable now: whatever it was, it was far above the usual grade of Titan artifacts.

Could it be that he's found a way?... no. he thought. Impossible. Just a coincidence. This changes nothing. We simply have to bring in the battlemage rather than the artifacts now.

"Now." Nirus hissed. With that single word, Nirus and the two mages stood up and released every ounce of power they had been building up for the past few minutes. A storm of crimson lighting swept through the area, forking and arcing its destructive way through the clearing. Legionnaires shrieked and twitched as they were almost literally cooked in their own armor. And while the Chans had gone for saturating the area, Yana Nirus concentrated every bit of his considerable power on the entity calling itself the Librarian.

Meanwhile, the other Servants had not been idle. The deep twang-snap of crossbows was dimly audible over the thunderclap of the mages' opening attack, and upwards of twenty fel iron bolts shrieked into the disoriented legionnaires. Half of the Servants put down their crossbows and picked up their melee weapons -an esoteric assortment of one-handed swords, axes, and shields- and began advancing into the clearing on the heels of the initial, devastating surprise attack, making the most of the confusion and chaos that was certain to follow such a sudden reversal of the fight. They moved at a fast run, dashing in before the Black Legion could get a counter-volley off. To their credit, they stayed in good order, keeping their weapons up to cover themselves rather than charging in, screaming, with their weapons held high the way many other fighters would have. The other half stayed behind and began cranking back their crossbows, preparing for another volley.
The momentary darkness that knocked her out seemed to take forever. Mara woke slowly, her head throbbing painfully as she tried to move. Crossbow bolts flew everywhere and some kind of red lightning filled the air. They were under attack from someone...vaguely she wondered if Torgaddon had allies.

She tried to sit up and looked over at Valdemir, he seemed to be glaring at her. Mara closed her eyes and nodded, glad he had put up a sheild over himself and was still active. The rebound from the artifact however still coursed through her. She was protected slightly by some kind of wood that suddenly burst into flames as the red lightning hit it. Cringing away from the fire she looked around for Jonus.

Spotting him a few yards away, she called out, "Jonus? Are you all right?" she could tell by her voice that something was wrong. She tried again and realized she was whispering...not the shout she was used to. Rubbing her throat she coughed and tried to clear it. She had lost her voice! The one thing a mage needs is a means to speak, panicking she tried to cast a sheild over herself and faltered. Her whisper only brought forth a weak sheild. It was not much protection.

She glanced at Torgaddon, only now realizing he had changed...he glowed with power! His voice had come out strange and echoed. He was on his knees and in some kind of trance...or struggle...she did not know...he was not too close to her, the blast had sent her tumbling away from where he landed. The discs! Where were they? She tried to stand and looked around. Legionnaires still fought around them...protecting them as best they could.

Panicking now, Mara looked around...where did the discs go? Wobbling on unsteady legs she made her way to Jonus. "Did you see where the discs went? There were three of them...I could not hold them...Ashok...I failed you...who is attacking us now?" her confusion very evident as she knelt to tend Jonus. In almost automatic mode she offered the healing potion to him and bound his arm in bandages and a splint, fashioning a sling so he would not move it much.

Turning to Valdemir, who was continuing to attack whoever it was, Mara saw the advancing soldiers of some other force. Without a second's hesitation she grabbed the pendent on her neck and tried to tap into the ley lines. A splitting pain shot through her mind as she tried to conjure a blast of arcane. She knew it was because of the action she had taken and gritted her teeth. Ignoring the pain she leveled blasts at the oncoming soldiers.

To her surprise they seemed to be advancing on Torgaddon and attacking him as well. This was confusing to her...who was this and why were they being attacked? But she could not speak above a coarse whisper. Or she would have yelled at them and offered some kind of truce...she looked over at Fenris. He had his hands full and fought bravely.

Where his arm had been was now blinding pain. Jonas hardly heard Mara ask about the discs because of the pain. He took the offered healing potion from Mara and drank it down. The potion helped with the pain but his arm was now pretty much useless. What was more, it was the arm that he held his sword in! He could fight with both hands but he felt better fighting with his now-broken arm.
Realizing that the group was under attack, Jonas scrambled to his feet and looked for his sword. While looking for Dawnstar, Jonas saw the two other Titan discs and thought about what the Broken had said. He looked over at the battlemage and felt a great deal of power coming from him..... overwhelming power. Jonas found his sword a moment later and stood up to his full height.
"The discs are over here" said Jonas, looking over at Mara. His voice came out slightly hoarse and he tried to clear his throat so he could speak louder. He looked over at the two discs on the ground and wondered if he could activate them.
Jonas put his sword away and pulled out a crossbow and started to shoot at the attacking force.

Torgaddon's body reacted faster than his mind could and suddenly he lost control of everything before he knew what was happening. Suddenly he was up right and a flood of power left his hands and suddenly time slowed around them. The bolts that were flying towards the Black Legion and the spells that were arcing down at them all slowed in their descents as the Librarian-Torgaddon entity stepped with unnecessary slowness. The red eyes of the entity turned its attentions on the Cabal agents and a smile broke across his face. "Tell your masters that their goals will come to nothing now. The Dark One will not return." The echoing voice of the Librarian-Torgaddon entity said as he focused his attentions on Nirus.

Then the Librarian flicked his wrists and the crossbow bolts turned to cinders and the crimson lightning that the Cabal magic-users had launched began to coalesce in front of the Librarian. His hands forming the red energy into a ball and adding more magic to it, changing its color to a more purple hue. "Begone from this plane now." The Librarian said as he sent the magic back at the Cabal soldiers and agents. Bolts of now purple lightning launching themselves at the dozens of Cabal men around them. Many dying instantly while others gripped their chests as they felt themselves wracked with pain as their bodies slowly died.

"Run... While... You... Can..." The Librarian said, his voice quaking with what appeared to be exhaustion as he fell to the ground. It was at this point that Fenris had regained his feet again and took command of the situation, turning to face the few remaining Cabal agents he pointed at the leader and the orders started to fly, "Kill them! Mara and Valdemir lock that thing up in magic or something! Get a portal ready! We are out of here!" Fenris said as he blocked a slash from a Cabal soldier and cut him to shreds as the three remaining Legionnaires got up and joined their Captain.

"What in the....?" wondered Jonas aloud when his crossbow bolts where turned to ashes. Jonas hadn't been aiming at the Librarian but his bolts were turned to ashes. He heard Fenris shout orders. Jonas shot at the few remaining Cabal soldiers with his crossbow and at the same time backing up. He paused in his shooting to pick up the two remaining discs off of the ground. He didn't want to use the power of the discs, he just wanted to get the discs away from....whatever the battlemage had become. If The Librarian got a hold of the two remaining discs....
Jonas awkwardly placed the two discs into his own backpack. Then he picked up his crossbow again and started to shoot the Cabal soldiers again.


Scaven was now on the Dauntless, killing off all who wasn't the Legion. He dodged a wild slice by a gnome marine and attacked the marine with his axe. The gnome ducked under the blow and scored a hit with his mace, hitting Scaven on the shoulder. Scaven growled and attacked the gnome with his axe, killing him.
He paused and looked down at the dead body of the gnome. He could feel that old hunger rear its ugly head again.
No....not now! thought Scaven, shaking his head violently to clear the hunger. After a moment, Scaven went to attack his next target.

The Yana's face grew hard as he watched the havoc Torgaddon/Librarian was wreaking on his Servants. The ultimatum was particularly infuriating. Whatever this entity was, he was even more powerful than Nirus had initially imagined, and his knowledge of the Cabal's ultimate purpose was... disturbing, to say the least. Nothing that the Cabal knew had ever indicated that the Titans had taken an interest in it. And the skirmish was starting to turn against his warriors. Several black-clad figures had already fallen, and they had only had a little over twenty fighters to start. He would have to deal with the Librarian later.

"Fall back!" came the call, and the remaining Cabal agents began falling back, occasionally turning around, briefly halting, and firing crossbows at the legionnaires to cover their retreat. Within a minute, they had melted into the shadows of the forest around the city. Nirus turned and faced the captain of the Legion and the soldiers with him. He raised his arms, and a nimbus of fire enveloped him. The lines on his face began to glow brighter as he prepared for a final strike.

"This is not over, Legion!" he cried, his face contorting into a snarl as he prepared for another, final strike on Fenris and his cohorts. The two Chans flanking him -they had thrown up a shield as soon as their spells had started to get blocked- teleported away, back to Gamma Base. "The Beast will rise from the Pit, and you - will - WORSHIP - HIM!!" Nirus shrieked the last few words as he unleashed a wall of flame at the remnants of the Black Legion, seeking only to inflict as much damage as he could. In that same instant, he summoned what little energy was left to him after those two incredibly powerful spells, using the last dregs of his strength to warp space, sending himself back to Gamma Base. In the blink of an eye, Nirus vanished into thin air.

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