Shattered Hand
Shattered Hand Horde Level 25 Guild <Immanus Odium> is currently recruiting
1 Warlock for our progression into our 10H Dragon Soul raid. Raid times are Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST. (2000-2300)

We are considered to be a "casual" raiding guild due to our 6 hour raid weeks but we enforce the basics, i.e., properly gemmed/enchanted gear, reasonable attendance (IRL > WoW!), proper add-ons, Ventrilo with a working microphone, etc.

We supply raid food, potions, flasks, crystals and Guild Repairs.

We are all adults and prefer to keep it that way! A lot of sarcasm and banter gets thrown around in vent during trash/farm content so if that bothers you then don't bother replying!

If you are interested reply to this post as I check the forums daily or talk to me in game. If we like what we see you will be contacted in game
Bump because he still need one!
I may be interested =)

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