Item lost while creating auction

Mobile Bug Report

I would like to report an missing item which cause by a bug/glitch. I hope you could recover it back for me. I just used the iPhone WoW Armory App the Remote Auction House features and somehow when I put my item up on the Auction House which is Bladeshadow Leggings and a few other stuff. It suddenly disappear which is not appearing on the Auction House or in my bag/mail and I went on to check in-game it also doesn't appear as it item seems to be lost. This happen around 1-3am server time on 4 March. I strongly believe there is a glitch and I hope you rectify and recover this lost item asap. Thank You.
I haven't experienced any problems with this item to date. If you feel that an item was lost due to an error, please contact our In-game Customer Support by submitting a ticket in WoW, or by visiting our support site:

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