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03/16/2012 07:31 AMPosted by Lockneruh
Thank you for your guides :D even though i am only level 80 i have spent a fair amount of time researching and playing a hunter on ptr. Now while live and ptr may differ i found that beast mastery personally is better for me. Im just wondering if maybe you could give me the ups and downs of playing beast mastery in pvp and arenas. Again i know enough about hunters to play them well but my main is a DK so i do need alittle help! But again thank you for your videos :)

No worries :) Beast mastery is a good spec for those who are starting out with hunters. It's not as good as Marksmanship when you start getting into competitive PvP though, as MM simply has more utility, better peels and better survivability. I am not an expert on Beast Mastery as I haven't really played it competitively since season 7, I recommend that if you really want to play arenas that you practice with MM a little bit, but if you are dead set on Beast Mastery then there's only a few things you want to watch out for (feel free to add to this people):

Use Kill Command immediately after pet charge, it does more damage. Don't use Bestial Wrath at the same time as Rapid Fire, it's better to spread them out to get the most out of them both and get the best usage of focus. Pool focus for Kill Command every time it is off cooldown, in the mean time use arcane shots and cobra shot (in bestial wrath just spam arcane shots inbetween kill commands).

Hope this helped a little bit, like I said I'm really not an expert on BM as I havent played it properly for going on 2 years now!
New video will be up as soon as YouTube uploader starts working, seems a lot of people are having issues with it atm. Duels vs 2500+ arena master frost mage (not a guide, just some raw duels, will do a guide later)
New video up, duels vs arena master frost mage (with skype) if you have any troubles versus them, check it out!
BUMP! New video out - Hilarious 2v2 with crazy warrior -

Working on some new instructional guides that should hit my channel shortly!
I can never get enough of watching top rated hunter action!

Thank for sharing and I look forward to seeing more videos from you.
I can never get enough of watching top rated hunter action!

Thank for sharing and I look forward to seeing more videos from you.

Thanks mate glad you are enjoying them

I am currently uploading a lot of content on the MoP BETA, if you are interested about how our class looks in the new expansion they are definitely worth checking out :)
double post ><
I just want to say your guide on how to handle other classes as a hunter are down right 5 star.

I appreciate you actually voicing the guide and being very detailed with methods that the other classes can use to close in and what not.

dont take offense, but you are the swifty of warriors for hunter pvp guides. good to have a generous player like you out there putting so much work in guides for a specific class which has been said to have some major flaws throughout this expansion.

your hunter vs dk guide helped relieve a lot of stress for my hunter which is the only class i prefer pvping on this expansion

Couldn't agree anymore, the guides are extremely helpful and I wish to see more from you. Best of luck!
been watching you vids since you started, love how well you play MM im BM atm cause i cant get a hold of the t2 weapon and bm still kicks !@# without it.

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