Icecrown Citadel 25 man Heroic Invitations!

Anyone interested in doing this for Achievements? Whisper me in game or leave a message on here and I will get to you! I am attempting to do this on March 10th 5 P.M Server Time to give people some time to respond :) Must have vent and be prepared to listen to 1 person explaining the fights so no confusion occurs. Watch the fights online! so you know what to do. The content is by far out leveled so with the current gear, I'm expecting this to be a breeze. Only Requirements > have normal mode 100% completed and be level 85! May be overkill but thats how I like to run things, 100% credibility to be short and sweet! Remember all you have to do is respond to this post to be an available raider for the stated day. Thank You and best of luck on your future endeavors!!!

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