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<Fabulous> 8/8H 10man guild
Add me on RealID for recruitment Berictscs@Hotmail.com

We are a newly reformed, serious raid guild with our current focus on recruiting a raid team capable of respectable world ranks while maintaining a fairly relaxed schedule. we have players with experience as high as top 10 in the world and others with top 200 and lower. After rebuilding a solid raid team through this tier our goals into MoP is to achieve much more respectable rank along the lines of a 200 World rank.

We expect recruits to be in the mindset of swift and respectable progression being the number one and most important priority when raiding. We do other activities outside of raid such as pvp, old content, alt runs, LoL and other games. Anyone in the guild is welcome to participate in those but nothing is mandatory because this guild is for raiding at a high level and that is all we care about in the end.

Current raid times:
  • Monday- 8-11 PST
  • Tuesday- 8-11 PST
  • Wednesday- 8-11 PST
  • Thursday- (rare but occasional raid if we feel necessary) 8-11 PST
  • Friday - OFF
  • Saturday - OFF
  • Sunday - OFF
  • *These Raid times will start one hours earlier (7PST) and Thursday raids will be a bit more common once MoP comes out*

    We currently have spots open for:
    Caster DPS - Warlock/Shadow Priest
    Healer- Disc/Holy Priest (obviously have enough spec awareness to know when one spec is favored by a fight)

    DPS must consistently put out competitive numbers including ranking sometimes.

    We are currently looking at ALL classes and roles though some spots are much more competitive then others.

  • Applicants are expected to not only know their class without question, but have extensive research on upcoming fights to give themselves the capabilities to contribute to strategies and speed up progression.

  • Applicants (with the exception of tank though, it wouldn't hurt) absolutely must provide logs of their role.

    If you have any questions or are interested in recruitment contact Berìct (ì is alt-141), Dentado, or Sentessa about recruitment.
    Writing a research paper bump
    i apologies sentessa bump
    yall need a rogue
    up for a good group of people.
    One Tank:
    Warrior or Paladin

    What would the other tank class be?
    03/07/2012 01:50 AMPosted by Hecky
    yall need a rogue

    not currently we have one and I don't personally feel rogues (or any melee for that matter this tier) are worth double stacking compared to the usefulness of double stacking say a mage.

    and the other would be a feral
    03/07/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Berìct
    other would be a feral

    Thank you.
    i agree. Thank you

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