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I think its b.s.leave pvp like it is and leave pve like it is.the point of pvping is different then killing a dragon.if your to sorry to grind for pvp gear than you should get your wig split against someone who have the pvp gear.this is BS.what needs to be focused on are timers in arenas because when you have people who want engage you incombat by a certain time they should be charged with a forfeit.please don't make playing wow lame.
If they keep comming out with expansions the pve problem will take care of its self.

I feel like I should take some time to better relay the development team's intentions when it comes to how PvP stats will work in Mists.

There are two important changes to PvP itemization coming:

1. We're splitting Resilience into an offensive and defensive component.
2. All players will have at least 30% damage reduction versus other players.

If you want to do more damage to other players in Mists, you have two options. You can get better PvE gear with more offensive stats, or you can get better PvP gear with slightly smaller offensive stats built in(because PvP gear is lower item level), but which will also give you more damage against players specifically. In today's game, stacking PvE gear is really the only way to do more damage to other players in PvP since Resilience only supplies a defensive bonus. These are completely made up numbers, but imagine PvE gear is 100% effective in PvE and 75% effective in PvP. PvP gear is 50% effective in PvE, but 100% effective in PvP -- despite its lower item level, it wins out over PvE gear when used for its intended purpose.

Here are some examples:

Ders the rogue: wears PvE gear.
Jillian the hunter: wears PvP gear.
In Cataclysm PvE, Ders does much better damage than Jillian in PvE, because her PvP gear “wastes” stat budget on Resilience.
In Cataclysm PvP, Ders does better damage than Jillian for the same reason. However, when Jillian hits Ders, he doesn’t mitigate her damage at all. The result is high burst damage on both sides.
In Mists PvE, Ders still does better damage than Jillian, because his higher ilevel PvE gear has more offensive stats. The difference is smaller however because Jillian’s PvP stats aren't part of the item budget.

The item level difference is the main distinction.

In Mists PvP, they both do about the same amount of raw damage to each other, with a slight edge for Jillian. Her power stat offsets Ders's PvE stats. Jillian takes less damage because of her PvP Defense (let’s say it’s 50% damage reduction), but Ders still has 30% damage reduction innately, so he doesn’t blow up either. Again the difference is smaller. If Ders wants to get serious about PvP, he’s eventually going to want PvP gear, and Jillian will want more PvE gear to do PvE.

Another way to think about it is that we are pushing PvP and PvE gear closer together with two changes: A player in PvE gear always has some base PvP defense (it's like a little PvP gear for free). A player in PvP gear can do more damage and healing than today in PvP because of the new Power stat (it's like a little PvE gear for free).

what this says to me is that pve'ers will be given better gear for pvp comparative to this Xpac, where only pve weapons and trinkets really shine. this is going in the OPPOSITE direction of "keeping pve gear out of pvp" and FORCES pvp'ers to raid for gear itemization.

this issue will likely be compounded by class balance where some classes will have better itemization from pve gear. lets say for example warriors benefit alot from specific raid gear. that will kill the whole Xpac for me, BECUASE I DONT WANT TO RAID

i think blizz forgot that alot of its customer base only does pve to facilitate better itemization for pvp, and this change to resil only reinforces raiding to gear a toon for pvp (which wont sit well with alot of raiding guilds anyhow)
They have to stop trying to bring PvE and PvP closer together it doesn't make sense they are two separate aspects of the game.

Please just ban PvE gear in arena/rated bgs, if some PvE hero wants to faceroll in normals good for them; but the rest of us shouldn't suffer in the aspect of the game we enjoy because these people raid. It is stupid dragonslayers are not forced to PvP and we should not be forced to raid.

Essentially Dexx admitted that heroic gear and legendaries are going to have high enough bonus dps through stats that they will be BiS for PvP, there isn't a problem with giving them awesome procs and insane damage but please keep it out of PvP.

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