ICC10 Meta Achieve (bone drake mount) forming

Howdy folks.
A couple of friends of mine, and my alt, would like to get the bone drake mount from ICC.
We will be doing this over the course of two lockouts for obvious reasons (hint: look at the Blood Queen achieve).

Looking for some 85s who know the encounters who want to join.
Send in-game mail to Siswai.
I am down for sure. I can heal or dps I am however usually on pretty late at night.
when you going I got a hunter who just needs Blood prince and dreamwalker achivement and other characters
I'll go on this toon, I just need a few if I'm not mistaken. Send me an ingame mail with your realid and i'll add you.
I would love to come I can heal or dps.
Also looking to complete mine, is this still going on? Or any groups forming?

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