Where'd your name come from?

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I'm a cow....I like the Big Lebowski....it seemed fitting
my first ever char was a rouge i named Mazrim after the WoT series character. Maztwo is just kind of an offshoot of that cuz im terrible at naming toons and the random name generator is even worse
Kept clicking Random until I found something I didn't hate that fit my character's race. Did that with all my toons actually.
03/02/2012 07:28 PMPosted by Lecowski
I'm a cow....I like the Big Lebowski....it seemed fitting

eh Mon!
Elvine = Town name from "Helbreath" one of my first MMO's
Elvine vs Aresden
Love this.
I find deep symbolism in the "yin/yang" concept of the sun & moon. Therefore, I love everything sun and moon oriented. I even have two very artfully done sun/moon tattoo's.

Ergo... Lunarsoul for this toon. Plus at the time it made perfect sense as Lunar was a Night Elf when I created her.
Was watching Men in Tights, and it was at the part when the Sherrif was talking about cutting Robin's heart out with a spoon when I made this char.
Don't really know where the heck I got this name from. I was just messing around with letters and I though it looked cool. It's pronounced like "Eureka", but instead of saying "Eur", just say "Ny" :]
Random name generator.

Got Beran. Felt it was missing something, so added an al.

To spare my self the obvious jokes, Swapped an a out for an e. Berenal was born.
its not a tumah!!!!
I was playing on a private server back in wrath and when i made a Dk during that time, I came up with it.
<< obvious is obvious. I really liked the story.
hmm... I thought I had posted in this thread already.

Well, my main's name is Xaeroe.

I got it off the final boss of a game I liked to play and added an 'e' at the end... also, I like the number. (Zero)
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Spell Mudkip backwards
Took my original name, Larravak, from Runescape. People took to calling me Larry, so when Cataclysm came, I changed it.
I just am.

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