Suggest a shield mog

So, Timepiece of the Bronze Flight is pretty ugly. Anyone got some good mog ideas?

(Male blood elf, full T13 with either Maw or Vagaries of Time as MH).
The shield form heroic Culling of Stratholme goes well with T13 imho.
Get an addon called "MogIt" on You can preview every shield (and anything else) your character can use based on your current level. Literally browse every shield in the game in mere minutes.
Pally T13 looks silly on male toons imo.

P.S. The hardmode version of your shield matches with LFR T13 very well I think.
I personally like the shield from warmaster, the tank one is ugly as sin and its to small for my taste.
get one of the exalted shields from shattered sun offensive. Sunward Crest
What about the shiny purple one from Gruul's Lair Aldori Legacy Defender
Mazthoril Honor Shield goes well with Season 11 pvp gear.
bulwark of algalon is pretty nice
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