What happened to Evolution?

I used to raid with the guild Evolution a long time ago back in Wrath, was thinking about moving back to Saurfang with a mate of mine, and decided to check in with the old crew, but I can't see any of them, the guild seems empty... Anyone have any idea what happened?
Kaz got mad. Guild went bad. Most went to Amanthul

Personally i blame Niyan for it all.
Sounds about right, i was carrying evo pretty damn hard.

I blame guen for his "lag"
Looks like you didn't drown after all.

Also is it bad that the thing i remember most about Evolution (apart from us sucking) is when Kaz raged at you Fong for pulling Chim...
just come back anyway saurfang needs THEFONG and the good thing is niyan's horde so ya can kill him now

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