<Splyffindor> (H) is recruiting!

<Splyffindor> is looking for people with PVP gear to join our guild. We run arenas every week and will get into rbgs when we have the members. Applicants with good pve gear also have a good chance on becoming a backup for an 8/8 DS group. Message me, hotfarts or ubah to join.

If that matters to anyone.
We are looking to get rated battlegrounds going and some arena as well. In addition, we have a lot of alts so we are always looking for some dungeon/leveling action as well.
Currently running DS 8/8 w/ group 2 of Blackwind Honor Guard, would like to start our own full group. Also running arena 2s and 3s, looking forward to starting RBGs when numbers permit.
This guild is really coming into its own. We are a well diversified guild with pvp, pve, and leveling all a big part of our guild. Personally I am a big fan of pvp. We run bgs and arena throughout the week and I look forward to some new additions to start running some rated bgs.

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