suggestion forum... Feral Charge Camera prob.

I was told this was working as intended, where the camera does not stay behind you after a kitty feral charge! Shadow step changes the camera view, why is it different?
can you make a setting that will or will not follow? I should not have an add on to make this work properly, but i do and its buggy but semi works. camera issues have made me lose a fair share of arena games.

this is a screenshot of my GM in game reply.


would like as many people to reply to this and get them to either fix or make an option to change this in the camera settings.
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Funny, I just started raising a bbrogue and noticed how much nicer SS is as far as the camera adjustment goes. Charging to a Corruption across the width of Deathwing's back just about makes me ill, heh.
Hmm odd... I remember that my camera always seems to spin around so that I face the back of my cat.... I remember it always been that way.

now that you mentioned it though, I'm doing some tests and it seems to all of the sudden to not flip behind my druid...

that is odd because I could swear that I've always had my camera flip around and that's without any special addons or anything like that... Maybe I've just been so quick in pvp that I've been turning it around manually on my own.

when has that been changed?

you can set your camera setting to always follow... though that can be a little bit annoying during the normal times.

It would be nice to have it get changed to like before where it automatically spin the camera around behind your cat.
Khronuslight, i have to admit the same thing happen to me as well. I did not notice right away. but now it is driving me crazy while my pvp target runs out or blinks out my my field of view because i did not have a camera correction. always follow selected does not even work.
Yeah, I've sort of noticed this slight annoyance as well. What I do though is hold down the right mouse button and slightly turn as I charge/land that way it updates the camera position.
yeah I could have sworn that it automatically turned my camera when I charged in the past... because out of all the years of being a feral druid, I never noticed until you brought it up just now and then I noticed how annoying it is that it's not auto correcting my camera view to be behind my druid..

However... again I might just be so quick that my muscle memory is turning my camera manually every time without me knowing it.
this was not always the way it was, i just tanked a BH and its putting me behing the target as Bear Form as well without adjusting the camera angle, why is this happening when i have the camera setting as always follow from behind!?!
I haven't ever noticed a problem with the kitty charge camera. However it works now... I guess I like it.
03/06/2012 10:45 AMPosted by Clay
I haven't ever noticed a problem with the kitty charge camera. However it works now... I guess I like it.
What he said
just lost a arena game again because of camera issue after feral charge behind the boxes in Sewers. :/
03/07/2012 02:31 AMPosted by Ocirus
I haven't ever noticed a problem with the kitty charge camera. However it works now... I guess I like it.
What he said

You know where the target is, and you know which way you'll be facing after the charge. Your not using your mouse to move your camera?

not directly after a charge when i need to get my burst off
i still don't think i should use an add on or have to turn the camera angle every time i charge in cat or bear.
use your right mouse button to turn and it will fix any problems you have with feral charge :)
I happen to not have any problems with Feral Charge. I also happen to not turn with my keyboard.
/agree it is quite annoying
the regular UI for WoW is based on clickers..... Therefore camera angles should follow suit regarding Feral Charge, just like Shadow step. I am not going to say im a pure keyboard turner because this is not true. However the way i play is interfered with because of this camera issue.
Hold down the right mouse button.
he doesn't seem to be doing that.

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