lf more ppl who want to make a low mmr rbg team in guild i really want to start running reg rbg's so pm in game for info or inv or add id


ty <3
I've got a geared rogue and shadow/disc priest on tich that I'd love to start running regular RBG's on. I'll hit ya up to see what you need
1547 disc priest would love to get into regular RBGs, I lost 40 points in 2 days because "target callers" don't know how to call targets and I really want to progress, not lose because our team MMR was 1700 and theres was 1300 with their highest player at 1200 and we can't work as a team -_-

I play at night, anything after 7 server works for me
low mmr!
I would love to get in on a regular RBG group. I just started running them last night and we went 5-2. I have tons of experience in regular BGs and can follow orders very well. I have vent/skype and know my class (fire mage). I'll hit you up, thanks.
1522 Frost DK
73.8K HK
477 WSG flag returns
Oceanic timezone
1900 experience
4.9k res
Sargeras Realm
CR 767
LF Low cross realm Rbgs
Ret Paladin
4.9k Resilience
On Tichondrious
CR 1671
35k HK

I'm usually 2nd dps behind the Frost DK.
If you need a legendary rogue with heroic vial and 2K exp let me know

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