Paladin Transmogs

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Skulls and more skulls! Gear is a work in progress.
Like Mine?
Conqueror Plate Set. Its a work in progress. Still need the gloves and the shield from Shattered Sun Offensive.
Blue! :D
Tier 1 molten core set , phantom blade , shield from the mechanar. /flex
lots of red and orange and grey!
Shiny. Finally got the mace to match :P
i want to revert to my old all black minimalist set after seeing all the gold here lol
T1 look
T5 goodness. Even a matching sword.
By our powers combined, we are...

Orange and purple.
Went for a DK style.
Almost done except for the gloves.

I know the boots don't really match, but I like the big style compared to the style that the tier boots are in.
05/01/2012 08:42 PMPosted by Bevoshorns
Can u transmorg into a man lol

it would look completely different on a male character
Tier 6 babeh! With The Decapitator and Dragonheart Flameshield out of Kara.

It's win.

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