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03/13/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Stensoul
purple judgement

I'll see your purple judgement and raise you Scarlet Crusade.

The gray/purple scheme judgement plate is refreshing. Any plate wearers have the old judgement mock-up from Scourge invasion?The blue-ish/gray scheme? Let's see it!
going for a tribal meets high tech look, any suggestions for a sword? i like the brutal gladiator's, but it seems too common to me and the enchant doesn't show up on it.
This set is widely abused, but I like it too much, and choose it before I saw others using it (although I figured it would be popular) if this guy becomes my main in MoP I'll definitely have to sport good looks. Maybe if a better tier comes along I'll check that out.
Blue-ishy Cataclysmic.
Mix between Black Temple Tier and the old Warrior season 3 model. EH?! Matches my Golden dragon perfect.
Random rubbish that looks cool mixed with PVP gear.
I did something that obviously no one else has.
Fire crotch.
If anyone can suggest a good helmet and/or a better shield, I'd appreciate it.
I'm a warrior. Look I even have a whirlwind

Bone-Link Fetish
Never seen anything like this!
I look poopy now, but here soon I'll finish my Lawbringer set and bring it out!
Heroic t12 is the best by far in my opinion.
Since in my server most pallies have the T6 or a variation of it, i made this one.

still undecided about shield and sword,but i think it looks nice.

Name: Fordring's Honor Guard.
I was already gathering my D3 after transmog was announced, so it was kinda lucky for me that T13 had a similar enough color scheme for me to mix the pieces up a bit. I am considering switching out my Argent Avenger for an Azuresong Mageblade though.
Classic PvP armor.
Exalted set, without actually going into AQ and grinding it endlessly.

Unfortunately for me, the very best shoulderpads for this set, the only example of their kind in the game, are a quest reward that I vendored years ago.

Personally, I feel that many of the set items and basically all of the epic weapons are too gaudy, or too "busy", or oversized or otherwise ridiculous. Elegance and simplicity do not always go hand-in-hand but there is a definite relationship between the two.

Of course the Blood Elf waxes verbose about aesthetics.
Still working on it. :|

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