Paladin Transmogs

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Revenant set(Vanilla Version) With Crimson eye of the beholder, just matches to well with the set not to have it.
I just wish there was a better looking set of shoulders to go with the set.
I'm hideous

@ gross tauren above me
they're not an exact match, but:
much better looking than the disaster that is the revenant shoulders
I actually have them in my bags, tried them.. didn't like all the detail compared to the rest of the set.
thanks for the suggestion tho, just praying for a hide shoulders option in the future

EDIT: nourgross
I'm fairly...purple.

Although it doesn't have much to do with transmog.
03/14/2012 06:06 AMPosted by Elsaverchris
Never seen anything like this!


Yours is fairly nifty.
Go go purple theme.
WTB Hammer of the Naaru.
Dark and Blood Knighty
Just tried to find some stuff to match the T6(?) shoulders since I am too lazy to farm the tokens or whatever I needed. I want a better looking weapon but can't find something that matches this set better than this green BS sword.
Crusader of Stormwind.

Najentus refuses to drop matching booties though :(
I'm in full agreement with Celyndrashad, Relentless gear is awesome. I found that "Waistguard of New Days" works pretty well as a sub-in belt. And t4 boots, out of desperation. But I still really wanna get the real boots, which is why I wear cataclysmic for now. I like Shield of the Mists, Silvermoon Crest, and the Lordaeron shield for transmog in prot.
Boots of Heartfelt Repentance

I believe those might work.

I go through many different transmog sets. This one, though, I had to go with because it is difficult to find shoulders to go with Heroic DK Tier 12 since no offpiece exists.

H Spine shoulders are probably the best you're going to get, and it works well thanks to the green special effects.

Edit: Legs are currently a placeholder until I can get the real matching ones from H Alysrazor.

Edit #2: Forgot to rate, I give it a 10/10. Use of a weapon that is not very common, and its spikes compliment the shoulder spikes.
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