Level 60 Raiding - AV Gaming on Windrunner

Guild Recruitment
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Guild Name: AV Gaming

Server: Windrunner (Advanced realm in end game Pve)

Web Page: Almost ready, a lot of work being done

Raid Times: Saturday afternoons, any follow up takes place Sunday Evening

Most recent Ragnoros kill:

The following are assured a core spot but we always accept anyone w/ interest


Disc Priest-1
Holy Priest - 1
Resto Druid - 2
Resto Shaman - 1
Holy Paladin - 2

Range dps

Mages - 4 (Frost Duel spec required for Temple, AQ20)
Balance Druid - 2
Elemental Shaman - 3
Hunter - 3
Warlock - 2
Shadow Priest - 2

Melee dps

Feral Druid - 1
Arms Warrior - 1
Retribution Paladin - 1
Rogue - 2


Protection Warrior - 1


Our guild is recruiting players w/ your exp stopped at level 60! We have a very diverse guild but 60 Raiding is a serious focus. If you would like to take the time to view our current roster please select on the filter levels: 60-60 to see our large 60 community.

You do not have to be a "Twink" to join this guild. Infact a very small percentage of players in game are infact Twinks. A Twink would be any given level with the best gear in the game equipped in every slot w/ best enchants available etc. This is a long process for 60's (Usually) That being said you can have a great set in just a week or two that will prepare you for any 60 content regardless of role.

60 Guild Activity:

1. 60 Raiding
2. 60 BG's & Wargames
3. Lightning Fast Guild dungeon runs
4. Many leveling at all times to 60

85 Guild Activity:

1. 85 bg's
2. 85 Rated bg's
3. Guild Arena Teams
4. Will be raiding soon

Contact Myself, Millennium or Tyrz in game for more information or feel free to ask here and 1 of us will respond.

Come try something different with us ;)

See you soon
Recruitment is going very well, 3 transferring as we speak. Looking for serious players who want to clear content and form serious BG groups for extremely fast honor.
Serious 60's and those wanting to level in guild! We pay you to level here for guild exp purposes! check out our roster and select by rank for easy viewing!

I will be transferring after this weeks farming runs for sure. I may be able to bring two people, will talk to them tonight
Just had a transfer! =)
prefer a 60 mage or warrior?
Casters for sure, just spoke with another in game transferring
this guild is going to be top Notch :D AV gaming all the way
looking forward to running the 40 mans again
Just got a transfer this mourning > AQ20 Has been completed so far w/ only 60s. Need a couple more serious players with gear beyond T1 for guild MC BWL AQ40. Queue times for 60 on the evenings and weekends have also been picking up
Lot of interest this afternoon =)
I wish I had known about this 3 levels ago. Le sigh.
Make another and level in guild ;) We will help you out no worries.. need casters and healers!
Guild is full of top notch players, Diehard is an amazing guild leader who is putting everything he has into the guild. Even if you dont have the money to transfer a toon over start a new toon on the realm anyone would help you out with whatever and id personaly be glad to help out whoever. Hook you up with some bags and starting gold and all that good stuff. Other than that, we should be starting raids really soon we currently have 26 60's who are all active and ready to roll. All we need is you:)
^^ oh So nice gum
Transfer in progress
If you have been thinking about this feel free to make a level 1 (human would be easiest) and ask for an invite to guild from any member. View the guild bank.. get a feel for things..ask questions in real time if you like. Whisper Diehard or any officer anytime tonight.

Thanks for checking us out!

The guild will be level 4 in just a couple days and level 5 very soon.
Good afternoon,

Anyone have 60s or interested in leveling one on windrunner get in touch with me on the realm. We'll be on for the majority of the evening.

Good day overall, still recruiting!

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