Worst Cunning of the Cruel loss...

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I tied the roll at around 175 with some spriest and he got it :(
it dropped again last nite.......a boomkin who just spammed moonfire won it along with vials of shadows.....and was bragging his !@# off about it...smh
03/07/2012 08:21 PMPosted by Dazbog
Lost it to a Mage doing 4.7k. Is what it is /shrug.

Lol what waas he doing, autoshoot with a wand?
Since we're all warlocks, this sort of thing is expected, but nonetheless I feel I should remind you in case you go blind with envious rage--I just disenchanted a normal cunning... for the heroic one. MWUHUHAHAHAHA!!!!!
18 weeks of clearing the first 6 bosses in DS and I have yet to see that trinket... 96 bosses... .2% drop rate that should put me up to a 21.6% chance to see the trinket yes? NO BLIZZARD SAYS STILL .2% DROP RATE :(

One of these days Blizzard.........
-necro- Second time I've ever seen it drop. Lost it again to an Ele shammy who pulled 8k dps on Hagara. Such a shame.
My worst loss.. I actually won the normal thing. but it never showed up in my bag. I think thats the third time something has not showed up after winning it. even opened up a ticket one one of them, and they reply was to say they would look into and closed the ticket.
It dropped my 3rd week of running DS and was defaulted to me.
Seen it thrice, lost it thrice. There is only so much one man can take.

That said I did win the haste one, forgot what its called. Gave it to another Lock whom was really into PvE though. I didn't figure I would ever use it. (Was horde at the time.)
I didn't raid much 10mans DS in fact i attempted it 2 times only and not even a full clear.

The first time i haven't won anything, the second time i won both trinkets that i am wearing now

Cunning of the Cruel and Insignia of the Corrupted Mind

I was happy about the win but did not know how prized cunning was by warlocks until i start doing some BG's.

I came to the conclusion that its OP. Like one poster said earlier when you die while your dots ticks on an enemy player and rez, you can see a lot of volleys fly away before you even buff up. No matter if you rez in a cave those things goes through walls and goes has far has it needs.

Has for the drop rate i also find that it is not entirely random. When i started doing LFR it took me about 3 weeks to be fully geared. The only thing i missed was the pants and the staff.

Got bored a bit and stopped playing for a while.

So few days ago i LFR again and i got the staff Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time, the legs and also a nice shoulder upgrade all in one clear.

Let me tell you the haste buff we get when you rock that staff and the haste trinket is out of this world

when they both proc i have 53% haste ratings lolBut yeah cunning of the cruel counts for 20 to 30% of my bg damage. Insane!
And now next time i LFR to get valor points, i will pass on everything that drops which should help other player who dont have these items more chance to get them

but retrospectively, i should have passed on one of the trinket when i did 10man DS or hand one over to a fellow player, i just did not realize at the time how lucky i got
too bad, have a look in mine COC =)
I got it a few weeks ago...on my POS Boomkin here :(
Lost it to an arcane mage last week. Of course he was pulling 14k with a full set of LFR t13 too just to make it worse.
Im the only caster DPS in our 10 man raid..

Hence the first drop I got it.. and Rathrak.. and pretty much everything else casters can use lol..

Its kinda nice to be the only DPS Caster in a raid..
So like the first time it drops i spend a ton of DKP on it. Next week the heroic version drops FUUUU.
am I seeing a trend here? warlock = bad rollers, myself included. I haven't won nothing from ALL of the LFR i ran. I got 1 x t13 gloves (because, somebody gave it to me. idk may be he already has 1). =\
At least you didn't have a bad shadow priest take the HEROIC version.
I have normal Cunning. Guilted my raid leader to give it to me instead of our mage who refuses to play fire and plays arcane instead. Close call.
Who would want LFR cunning anyway....gosh like omg

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