[X-Realm] Herald of the Titans

Three of us from Mal'Ganis are forming a Herald of the Titans run scheduled for Saturday, March 17 @ ~4:00pm EST.

We are looking for characters that have already leveled are close to/are already geared for the following conditions:

1) No armor > 226ilvl
2) No Weapons/ranged > 232 ilvl
3) Character lvl = 80

Please acquaint yourself with the fight before hand.

Currently we have/are in need of the following roles:

1) Cashewbutter(Mal'ganis), Feral Druid (TANK/DPS)
2) -Your name here- (TANK)
3) -Your name here- (HEALS)
4) -Your name here- (HEALS)
5) -Your name here- (HEALS)
6) Melkør(Mal'ganis), Frost DK (mDPS)
7) Imsuck(Blackrock), Arms War (mDPS)
8) Shayley(Mal'ganis), Balance Druid (rDPS)
9) -Your name here- (rDPS)
10 -Your name here- (any DPS)

Keep in mind we will have the aid of cata flasks/pots/food as well as mastery (which scales very well at 80!)

If you meet all the above prerequisites then feel free to sign up at:


and join our raid group.
03/07/2012 01:08 PMPosted by Cocoabuttêrs
I'm up on my priest cocoabutterz- mal'ganis I'm going to start gearing it up, I can heal with any spec or be shadow just whatever you pref.

as of right now we are empty on healers so any healer is appreciated. can't really say what spec right now though. Take into account mastery scales very well at 80 and whichever has the better mastery might be your choice.

Please make sure to sign your character up on http://www.openraid.us/ and sign up for my raid


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