[A] <Benevolent> is LFM!

We are looking to coalesce a community of raiders who are interested in casual-serious progression. Our schedule is lightweight, we raid hard and fast, and the community is up-to-date on leading class/spec/boss strategy and discussion. We are primarily interested in raiders who carry qualities to match: 100% attendance, Google-educated, alert, and motivated.

We welcome server transfers and faction changes!

<Benevolent> was first conceived in October 2005. The guild has been around for 6+ years and the type of experience we offer is nothing new. What this might mean to you is we are home to quality leadership and a strong player base. We are not a "flavor-of-the-month" or a "2.00001" brand of guild. We also have a long history of accomplishing more than most in substantially less. Players who are here and who have been here are proud. Furthermore, the guild is founded on a set of principles that you could say match the name. You won't see us spamming the cesspool of trade chat trying to recruit a gem in the rough. We have low tolerance for drama internally and externally. We have self-respect, are motivated by teamwork and general goodwill toward the community. We strive to be a respectable place that one might call "home". The players here are very active and social, you will find: humor, pvp activity of a wide variety, "alts", 10s, questing, etc. Most of us raid casual-serious by choice, we are here because the time requirement is reduced while providing results, and we all have other game interests or real world commitments to be involved in but hunger for the content.

We value our membership and to a further extent, value our reputation.

- Raid times are 6:00-8:30PM PST / 9:00-11:30pm EST Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
- Trial is two-three weeks long and we will come to a guild consensus on whether or not you "pass".
- We do not accept applicants under the age of 18.
- We are currently 8/8 DS pre-nerf and 5/8H DS

We want players who are personable, and also strive to develop their character and experience raiding content in an interactive environment. As a person you should be socially and ethically developed, and open to making new friends within. As a player, you should be specced, geared, gemmed, and enchanted appropriately for T13 PvE content. You should have a well developed understanding of your class, including its strengths and weaknesses and be able to perform your role in raid boss encounters. If you are the type of person that is solely concerned with loot, complains when asked to be a team player, doesn't bother to read and discuss strategy openly, and doesn't come prepared; we are not interested. As a raiding guild, we do require that you are willing to spec to support guild progression, in real-time, as the game is continuously evolving. As the game changes, we evolve to match.

We welcome server transfers and faction changes!

We have a high priority for tanks and healers at the moment as we are changing our raiding format from 25m to 10m groups. We also have much room for DPS classes!
[We would recommend our tanks have a DPS off-spec as they may be relegated to DPS spots once we convert back to the 25m format.] We currently place highest priority on warriors [tanks and DPS], a Rogue and a shadow priest.

* Regardless of our current needs, we always consider exceptional applicants. Knowing how to play your class well is just a part of it - good situational awareness is the other half (not dying to engulfing flames, not dumping searing seeds in the middle of the raid, etc.)

Raid Sponsors:
- Repair/Cauldron/Feast/Enchant/Potion

If you have any questions, feel free to whisper our recruitment officer Vanadis, Miles or any member of Benevolent to discuss your questions. Your inquiry will be kept strictly confidential, note the above, we pride ourselves as professionals. Applications for membership can be found in the public section of our forum, reached through our website provided below. The application should be emailed to us, it is designed to be short and to the point, it's mostly an icebreaker for us so the more details you can provide us to get a better idea about you, the better. You can also contact us anytime at wowbenevolent[at]gmail[dot]com or visit us on the web at www.raidbenevolent.com

Our 25 man raiding team is currently on a break. In the mean time, we are hosting two 10 man groups to progress through Dragon Soul until we get enough players to switch back to the 25 man raiding format. Our raid times are 6:00-8:30PM PST / 9:00-11:30pm EST Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

We are looking to recruit the following classes:

High Priority:
- Protection/DPS Warrior
- Elemental Shaman
- Enhancement Shaman
- Rogue
- Balance Druid
- Shadow Priest

Low Priority:
- Restoration Druid
- Warlock

- Must be at least 18 years old.
- Must have experience in Dragon Soul, 8/8 Normal is ideal but as long as you can demonstrate that you know boss mechanics and have finished DS LFR, you should be fine :)
- Must know your class inside out.
- Must be appropriately geared.

For more information, please visit www.raidbenevolent.com or email us at
wowbenevolent(at)gmail(dot)com, or talk to one of our officers in game: Aquinara, Sharlötta, Miles or Vanadis.

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

<3 Vanadis
03/14/2012 01:32 PMPosted by Stanford
I heard this is the place to get my legendaries at before I app to an actual raiding guild and transfer.

Dear Stanford,

You probably need to level to 85 first before that ever happens.



PS: Thanks for the free bump.
03/14/2012 01:32 PMPosted by Stanford
I heard this is the place to get my legendaries at before I app to an actual raiding guild and transfer.

We require you to be at least 18 years old. :)
Oh look! It's a troll! How cute!

/throws a bone
Bump up to the top.
Thanks for the bump!
Bump for good peeps.
Up to the top.
Bump to the top!
3/8 heroic :D
this is wasntme and i approuve this message
Two green-and-squiggly thumbs up! :)
Sharlötta is not in your guild.
Bump for good people.

<3 Benevolent
Bump for good people/officers that take initiative to form new 10 mans instead of bailing when the current ones are inconvenient to their time schedule!

cough cough... incoming sharlotta getting mindlessly carried...cough cough
Yep, I got carried. >_>
But it does work better for my real life time schedule. Not starting too early, nor too late.

Why post on an alt anyways? You think I'd be mad? :P
Silly troll.

Bene is a great guild and anyone would be lucky to be part of them.
Hopefully they can get more people in and get back to 25's.

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