WTS Hrag/Pureblood Fire Hawk

Aerie Peak
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There will always be more gold, but there are only 6 more weeks to buy the Pureblood Firehawk or The Lifebinders Handmaiden while they're guaranteed drops! For only 100,000 gold this is a steal!

MoP -> 1% drop rate, hurry up!!

You are not required to do anything other than show up on time with the gold, and you may die intentionally or try to live as long as you can, so long as you do not cause wipes with your actions. If you wipe us, you will be politely asked to die when combat starts so we may 9 man it.

We can also arrange some runs on the horde side if you are interested on that side.

Smoldering Egg of Millagazor + the achievment Heroic: Ragnaros will be yours. This awards the title 'Firelord' as well.
You can die in a fire.
Hypnotically speaking...

I lol'd at this...

u must b wizzard, sir.
03/09/2012 07:48 PMPosted by Painuser
You can die in a fire.

Why you so mad cause I wont sell you my tiger?

I think he was saying you could die in a fire and essentially do nothing except pay your gold, be there, and get your title.
I will get you the mount if you'd like. The price for you is 1.5 million gold. Let me know if interested.

Couple questions

Do you offer just the rag mount at all for a higher price of course?

How much for tier 12 meta achievements?

Is there any other means of payment you guys accept?

Hypnotically speaking if I do buy it do I have to do any "work" or can I just stand in fire and die?

Might have siphons for sell this week! See me in game if you are interested.

Also, the mount will soon be for sell! Contact me in game if you'd like to get on the list early.
03/13/2012 08:44 AMPosted by Painuser
I will get you the mount if you'd like. The price for you is 1.5 million gold. Let me know if interested.

If you're interested in selling it at a reasonable price then you let me know if you're interested. :)

I should clarify, that's the price for you specifically. For others the price will be a reasonable price.
Mad? Not at all. Just no interest in helping people like you.
I heard saying "And you clearly mad bro." at the end of a sentence is a classy thing to do when someone calls you a douchebag.

Hypnotically speaking?

Am I the only one that saw this?
omg wts Smoldering Egg of Millagazor - See first post!
so how about horde side...
cant ever get people to log on that want to attempt hrag yet alone down him

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