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This week, the topic of discussion is:

The Battle for Gilneas - Which strategies are most effective in this battleground for both rated and un-rated play? What tips, tricks and tactics have you discovered? What common mistakes have you witnessed?

The battlefields of World of Warcraft are littered with the bones of those who have become casualties in the ongoing conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. You do not need to become one of them. One of the keys to victory is knowledge, and that is where the World of Warcraft War College enters the picture. In these discussions between players, you can learn and share strategies with other players to improve your tactics and improve your odds of emerging victorious from the field of battle.

Are you a veteran Gladiator with countless victories tallied? Are you new to World of Warcraft and striving to improve your PvP skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share tips and tactics, and join a conversation dedicated to surviving and thriving in World of Warcraft PvP.

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  • Ask questions! These threads aren’t just for experienced players, but also players who are learning the ropes or want to improve their skills. On the same token, don’t attack other players for asking questions.
Let the other team get water works and then pin them into it, splitting their team between their home spawn and the water works spawn.
03/08/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Aelexe
Let the other team get water works and then pin them into it, splitting their team between their home spawn and the water works spawn.

more like interrupting captures at all costs
I think holding main base + water works should be the first priority, and if that doesn't seem to work out then go for the opposing team's base, but because of the way the GY's are designed it's usually a better idea to fight over WW.
As horde, I've won very few of these BGs, I always feel like my team takes Mine, and leaves for the WW, Mine gets zerged by Alliance, and then WW gets ninja capped to where we don't respawn there anymore, and we slowly all start to spawn back at ship, where the alliance will stack up everyone but 2 defenders at each other base, and continously farm us. Maybe that is just the unranked story though.
You took my favorite BG(AB) and dumbed it down to only 3 Points.

I hate BfG, there is almost no room for strategy. With only 3 nodes to take its way too simple.

Leave 2-3 permanently at each node, and the rest travel between the 2 you have. Thats the only real strategy, with no room for changing the game by spreading too thin.

On the offensive side, its very hard to get the advantage if you are behind(that is if the other team is good).

I prefer to use the same concept as AB. 2-3 to defend. Cause it doesn't take the whole team to call an INC.
Just come ASAP once its called. People defending continue defending....and keep AoE around the flag as long as possible
Alliance WW/LH harass mines to keep them busy, Horde WW/mines harass LH to keep them busy as well.
The only 3 problems are the KB/HK farmers that fight on the rode on both sides and lack of AoE on flag+
slow back up also on both sides.
Be Horde. Seriously.

As Alliance I didn't get my first win until the 10th try.

Then I faction transferred to Horde and now I win just about all the time. I think there's a Horde advantage between Mines and WW. Of course my gear is better now so maybe it's just me, but I think there might be something to it. For the Horde!!!!

As for AV though it's the opposite.
My strat as Alli is basically send 1 to LH, and assault it, then have a large amount of people to WW. Then, when pressure is applied at WW, 2-3 people will head to Mines and kill and cap. This can get you an easy 2 cap, if not a 3 cap if you are playing with people that have some gear at least and have a clue on how to PvP.
Also, this is not entirely my strat, I based it off of Dara Mactire's video, which actually worked when I found a cooperative group and made the BG a lot more interesting than letting the Horde win everytime like a normal BG for me.
Don't forget the most important thing in this BG: Fight on flags!!!!!! AOE all the time to prevent losing your node.

A lot of people ninja the nodes while the other team doesn't notice. Use tunnel vision people to your advantage.

I do it all the time on my rogue.

Rogues are very very handy in this bg. Smoke bomb anyone?
Another mistake I've seen on both sides is that people give up WAY too early.
And everyone retreats to defense. I don't care how close the opposing faction is to winning...never stop fighting and trying to cap that flag
Untill the BG is actually over.
I learned this recently in an AB there was about 30seconds left they rushed us and we ended up getting a 5 cap and winning.(had to keep it short since its a different bg ;P )

Same rule applies to the winning faction don't get big headed because you're winning
And get greedy and try and go for the 3 cap. It CAN cost you the BG.
1.Have the rogue start capping.
2. The defender will take ~1 sec to notice and react, at which point he will attack the rogue.
3. Have the druid break stealth and cyclone.
4. The defender will trinket.
5. Have the rogue blind him.
6. Resume capping.
7. Have druid cyclone with 1s left in blind for good measure.
8. Enjoy your free base.

Most RBG teams leave a Hunter to defend. This strat would not work in the slightest against even a mediocre Hunter.
Their pet would defend (Thunderstomp) the flag for them, therefore your CC needs to be spread to both the pet and the Hunter. Flare makes it hard for stealthies, and an Exp. Trap can be launched into a Smoke Bomb.

The whole 'element of surprise' (rushing their home node) strat is garbage. You are giving them WW for free, and then it's basically all or nothing. If you don't assault the node, it's GG.
You don't just give them a node like that.

Leave 1 at your home node who is capable of defending a node without losing it, and surviving long enough for defenders to arrive (and has a mic to call it on Vent). The rest go WW.
Then, you have a 9v9 or 8v8 mid clash at WW. The winning team will simply be who is better. That is all there is to it - and that is why I love it. CC the healers, burn the squishiest kill target, CC Boomkins and Arc Mages and keep AoE on the flag, and eventually cap.

Then float between the two, AoEing the flags - rinse and repeat = GG.

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