Hail's Guide to Sub PvE (5.4)

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I'd really like to give Sub DPS a shot, but working on H Tortos Progression scares me (I know you can get behind him but the positioning is really awkward); I wonder if my Assassination gemming/reforge would work almost optimally for Subtlety (haste and mastery near even with a slight weight towards Mastery, 7400 to 6900. I have two 522 RPPM Trinkets); that way I wouldn't have to worry about regemming or reforging if I were to give it a shot for other bosses.
Not quite, reason for sub-gemming agi (as you already know) is for the sake of Sinister Calling (30% total agility). It makes agi prominent over the secondary stats.
Hail! your guide is amazing. Thanks it it specifically i have decided to main Sub pve. I pull 350k burst dps and passive 130k on most fights that are not add specific.

Just wanted to give my thanks man. I been using mastery over haste since most of the haste gear is on the higher tier. Cant wait to hit 525 ilvl this is so fun!
I made a bunch of edits to this guide, and now my sub is out. I'll try to find ways to push edits around patch times but no promises.

If you want to contact me, read what I say at the very top of the guide.

Also, thank you all so much for appreciating the effort that goes into this. Helping you makes it worth it. It means more than you can ever know that you trust me as an authority and I wish you all the best.


03/29/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Frai
But whatever, I'm about as casual as it gets these days, and I'm a pretty die-hard sub nerd, so I'll keep playing the hipsterspec.


Kahunah! I haven't seen you in forever man! How have you been? I think the last time I talked to you was the end of 4.3 doing those GDKP runs! I am doing pretty much the same thing as you, and playing super casually as sub. I dabbled with assassination and combat and I either need a sweatband to play one or a book to go with the other. But, I totally get the idea of play optimal even though it may not be heroic. I try to do the same thing as well, actually. :P

I somehow managed to completely miss this.

Hey dude, finally went to a real server too? :P

Back to warrioring, but the rogue lives on, and will be makin' a comeback, minimum as an alt next tier. Assassination is so ungodly boring, but god is it good. I don't miss the Edge drama, but I do miss the GDKP/fun parts of Garona, I really do.
I'm back for the next day and a half to be constructive on forums or something.
Ok I'm back legit now.
Bazinga! Welcome home.
Does anyone know of an Add On that would just be my Energy Bar but that I could move and change the size?
Hrm, this is probably the wrong place to ask that question but I'd check curse if I were you, under rogue addons. You can probably add energy as a field too.
Does anyone know of an Add On that would just be my Energy Bar but that I could move and change the size?

I built mine with weak auras. If that helps any.
Does anyone know of an Add On that would just be my Energy Bar but that I could move and change the size?
I was using IceHUD for this for a while. You're fairly constrained on HOW you move it, for example rotating the energy bar is kinda buggy, meaning you'd be locked to a vertical bar of some form. But it allows you to add marks at specific energy levels if you need to.
I may have misunderstood the guide, but, is it not needed to get the 7.5% Expt soft cap?
Pretty much, I suggest that you use Shadowcraft to get your weights though I suppose now is a good time to put in some guidelines. Either way, here's what your approximate weights are:


Again, expertise is somewhat undervalued, though for you it is still pretty weak.
Oh wow, thanks again, Hail :)
No prob. BTW I'm actually going to hold off on the stat weights until ShC is updated for 5.4. They are also working on some other optimizations that hopefully will be done by then too.
Also just want to give thanks to Haileaus. When you first started this I think I was one of the few others using Sub for PvE. I was always experimenting with random stuff (much to the chagrin of my guildies lol), but was always too lazy to do actual math on anything. After having been gone for almost 18 months, this was truly beyond helpful. Things had changed so much, I was totally lost. I appreciate the time and hard work, keep it up!
Thank you so much Deadasleep, it's people like you that are the reason I do this and its really good to know I'm making a difference.

Seriously, your response means a lot.
I'm with Dead. I only recently started a Rogue (back in Cata) but I love him. Plus, Sub is so much fun and I sincerely appreciate not only the guide but the fact that you keep up with the updates and actually respond within the thread. Much love.
So now a question, would the Talisman of Bloodlust be better than one of my two trinks? Ignoring the fact that ones upgraded.
Checking you out on Shadowcraft (http://shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com/us/aggramar/erojii) it looks like you would do well to replace Bad Juju with the talisman. Generally speaking that's the best tool rogues have to assist with gearing decisions, so in general I'd deffer to that.

Thanks for the complement :)

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