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Sometimes after using the mobile guild chat feature, the character I was on will still appear online in the guild.

For example, I used mobile chat last night with this character, logged off when finished. The I logged on today onto a character in the same guild without coming on this one, but this character was listed online in the guild.

Am I doing something wrong that makes this happen?

Thanks for any help!
I have the same problem, I have 5 of my characters that show online in the guild listings. This is very confusing for my guildmates that think I am always online or have been hacked. Please someone post any way to eliminate the ghost characters. Thanks
Check under settings and see if you have automatically sign in the guild chat selected. I deselected mine and I have not had a repeat of this problem since.
If you're experiencing this issue (which is actually not a bug), that means your app is still running with the character logged into Guild Chat. Davyjones' advice is not a bad thing, but if you want to retain the auto sign in AND not be logged in, just manually click Offline.

Also, if you use the WoW Mobile Armory with more than one device, ensure that you're not logged in on each of them. It is possible to be logged into more than one instance of mobile Guild Chat at the same time.

If this DOESN'T work, however, let us know.
It happened the same to me. I uninstalled the app (no more than a week), but my hunter continues online in the mobile guild chat.
Would anyone help me?


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