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Hi thank you for checking out our first thread!
20-24s have became increasingly popular due to Blizzards new changes to Starter Edition's level cap to 20, upgrading to BC, and removing time restrictions! For more information on that, click here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3128270

Here's some quick information on our bracket:

~ Queues ~

The 20-24 Bracket gets constant pops 24/7 in Warsong Gulch. AB Que pops normally start as early as 6:00 AM PST and will get consistent pops from anywhere to 18-20 Hours long!
Level 20-24s with their Exp Off will get into the games with the Starter Edition Players(F2Ps).

~ Gear ~

Due to this bracket being brand new as of 4.2, Grandfathered Gear is not a known issue! Of course there is a very small amount of F2Ps and P2Ps that have grandfathered gear(Old 19 twinks), you will rarely bump into them in a Normal PuG game! The 20-24 Bracket is a good way to get a fresh start with everyone else!

~ Professions ~

For those who are F2Ps, you Primary Professions only go up to 100(110-115 with racial bonus), while your secondary Professions will go up to as high as your gold cap(10g) will let you train for! Aside from F2Ps, all P2Ps can learn up to 225! This will allow you to get access to the Parachute Cloak from Engineering. For those who remember the old school Lifeblood, Jewelcrafters get access to Dense Stone Statue! And for those who decide to play as a Gnome and take up Engineering, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with Gnomish Death Ray, Gnomish Mind Control Cap, and The Big One.
For more information of Professions for F2Ps, check out this link: http://twinkinfo.com/f2p-twink-guides/22950-comprehensive-profession-guide-lv20-f2p.html

~ 20 vs 24 ~

It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that a F2P is at a serious disadvantage against a 24. However, don't let that bring you down! The chances of you running into a level 24 in this bracket is only about ⅕ of a chance of actually happening! So don't let those nasty PuG games ruin your hope of having fun!

~ P2P 20s ~

Due to some of the F2P restrictions, there are actually quite a few 20s that are P2Ps with F2P Restrictions. But why would you ever want to stop at 20 instead of 24? Well it's simple! Due to the Gear difference between a F2P and a level 24, it adds an entirely new PvP experience! A lot of the players who decide to stop at 20 and follow all the F2P Gear Restrictions, do it for the challenge of fighting 24s who completely out gear them, but everyone knows that Skill > Gear; and P2P 20s take on the challenge of proving that!

~ F2P Premades??? ~

That's right! It is not uncommon in this bracket to run into a F2P premade; but how in the world are they doing it due to the F2P Invitation restrctions? Due to the number of P2P 20s, they will actually group themselves with other P2P 20s and then do 5man, 10man, even 15man premades! This adds another level to the PvP Experience for 24s. Due to the difficulty of surviving against 24s, F2Ps will group up and premade in order to defeat the 24s!

~ Aerie Peak F2P Community ~

Okay, so you're a F2P; but what server should you be playing on? When 4.2 went Live, the community from Twinkinfo.com decided to name Aerie Peak as their home server! Aerie Peak is most popular on Horde, however there are still plenty of Alliance F2Ps on Aerie Peak; so do not feel restricted to Horde! The Aerie Peak has a lot of offer too! We are constantly forming 5mans in order to survive against other premades/24s, and will occasionally form 10/15mans for WSG and AB. But it doesn't stop there! Aerie Peak is also known as the only F2P Server that does constant War-Game Arenas! We commonly do 3vs3 and 2vs2, but occasionally you will see some people wanting to do 5vs5!
For more information on F2Ps, check out this link: http://www.twinkinfo.com/f2p-twinking/

~ How to Join the Aerie Peak F2P Community ~

It's simple! Check out Yasueh's macros and addons for F2P right here: http://www.twinkinfo.com/f2p-twinking/21104-yasueh-s-macros-addons-f2p.html
Make sure to download that addon. You can download his addon on the site ^above^ or you can download it straight from CurseClient.com! Just go into your search box, type in: F2PAddon and you're good to go!

~ 24 Guilds ~

There is not a dedicated Server for 24s, but there are plenty of guilds out there! Here's the list:

<EPlC> - [H] Spirestone
<The Chosen Few> - [H] Vek'nilash
<Extended Trial> - [A] Alexstrasza
<Lethal Synergy> - [A] Elune
<Bravo Company> - [A] Darkspear
<Sançtuary> - [A] Alexstrasza
<got me dodgin trash can> - [A] Windrunner
Btw <EPlC> at Spirestone is looking for more members! We do premades nightly (depends how many are on). We Help with Gnomer runs and AGM is no problem!

More info And if you want to transfer over:
Nice to see a thread for this bracket... shame that f2p cant post on the forums :(
garbage bracket if you dont get into farming people in white gear. Everyone should just roll hunter or rogue becuase they dominate. go alliance for sure if you dont have boa's for the alliance only eyepatch :)
The WSGs suck unless there are groups queuing against each other but Wargame Arenas are prime as hell.

<gmdtc> Windrunner Alliance - Home of 24 Arenas
< Sançtuary > - lvl 25 Guild Alliance on Alexstraza Supports transfers , rerolls and will gear ur twink including arena trinket as well . We have vent/ guild repairs/website in progress. Premades and Wargames & Gnomer runs . If you got a horde toon or in another guild it never hurts to network. Maybe not alot of 24 twinks on your server. Maybe its ime for a new beginging. Mature People as must. Whisper in game Høneybadger , Koz or mail me in game with your real Id. If your intrested or want more info. 73 lvl 24's now & growing everyday. Premades everyday
<<my ex 20.....if 24's are no longer getting raged at i may roll another one.
The WSGs suck unless there are groups queuing against each other but Wargame Arenas are prime as hell.

<gmdtc> Windrunner Alliance - Home of 24 Arenas

Added your guild

<<my ex 20.....if 24's are no longer getting raged at i may roll another one.

As far as raging, I'm sure there will always be F2Ps that get upset about getting killed by a 24; just like PuGs rage @ Premading and Farmers, but this thread is for supporting both F2Ps and 24s.

~Help promoting both F2Ps and 24s
~Letting people know where the lvl 24 guilds are @.
~Promoting F2Ps to join Aerie Peak

etc etc.

Thanks for all the support guys :) Post ur guild btw if it's not listed.
The WSGs suck unless there are groups queuing against each other but Wargame Arenas are prime as hell.

<gmdtc> Windrunner Alliance - Home of 24 Arenas

WTB more character slots on Windrunner :(
Hmmm lol, whats with all these 24 Tauren hunters? They must be compensating for something.
gmdtc - 29 rerolls?
Are there any other lvl 24 guilds that I didn't list?
Very nice thread Cer! I'll be on in a bit hope to see some other 24s in the gulch!
03/03/2012 10:44 PMPosted by Kangnam
gmdtc - 29 rerolls?

Yes, skilled players needed for more wargames!
Not sure what group that was

6 hunters, 3 rogues, and a disc priest
and 4 24s.

We only had 2 healers and 1 of them being a rdruid(not me)

totally wiped us
Is the bracket really that popular? Maybe I'll make one.
03/04/2012 12:34 PMPosted by Sparrow
Is the bracket really that popular? Maybe I'll make one.

Yessir :)
Macho madness right now. sugar is sweet and so is honey. macho madness is on a roll and it cant be stopped.

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