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Put through a faction change to alliance today, and upon choosing new race I got the "Your name has been flagged for a rename". Not sure why it came up as my name is harmless and I didn't server change at all. Just want to be able to log on asap and keep my original name! I may have logged on accidentally and/or disconnected while the payment had been sent, but yeah not sure.

I made a ticket regarding this but I do have a raid to show up to very seen so seeing if I could speed this process up, as I did faction change in the first place to attend said raids!

Hello Whissie.

You may want to take a look at the sticky above. They are aware of this situation.

Keep your ticket open and an in-game GM will be able to get to it as soon as possible.

Good luck

The forums are not a way to bypass the ticket queue, however - the SFAs here can help with this if they have a moment. Leave your ticket in.
ohh silly me must have missed those stickies!

thanks very much for the help though guys i feel silly now!

No problem at all. Unfortunately this is impacting a considerable number of folks at the moment, but we are getting to everyone as quickly as possible.
Just happend to me, on my way over to horde side on Malfurion:(

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