The WoW Factor, 8:30pm EST March 23rd

The 100,000g WoW Factor show is coming!

WoW Factor judges Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth ( and Neolani and Ironyca of WoWRoleplayGear ( are coming to town in a few weeks time! Time to see who's going to rise out of the crowd here on Lightbringer and ride the social media wave! The last time we did a show here, it was covered by PC Gamer! (article due out in March magazine)

We've got a big prize package on the line for ALLIANCE players who are poised to show off their finest transmog outfits!

Round 1: Twenty (20) participants will be selected as FINALISTS for the top ten prizes. Each of these participants will receive an initial 1,000g for their transmogrified outfit (20,000g total).

Round 2: The second stage, where ten (10) winners will each walk away with 10,000g for their transmogrified outfit. Only looks that our judges deem to have that WoW Factor will walk away winners here.

Round 3: Sponsored by Our friends over at Icy-Veins are also sponsoring not one - but TWO Blizzard Store collectible mounts! These prizes will be awarded to top two outfits among the final ten. These looks should epitomize the WoW Factor and serve as poster children for months to come as the WoW Factor team continues to move realm to realm in search of the absolute best transmogrified looks. Only the top-two looks that truly capture what we affectionally call the WoW Factor will be deserving of this top prize.

So yes, in the end the top two outfits of the Alliance will walk away with 11,000g and a Blizzard Store collectible mount!

Judging criteria for the WoW Factor show is best understood by listening to the judges, themselves, critique a recent show on Earthen Ring:

We'll keep checking this forum post, but you may also refer direct questions to us on Twitter and refer to our sites for transmogrification resources to fuel your looks. You've got a few weeks to prepare, so get grinding!

Keelhaul: @DEazeroth ( - hub for the WoW Factor)
Noelani & Ironyca: @wowroleplaygear (

See you at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time on March 23rd!
Keelhaul & The WoW Factor team!
Transmog = dress up barbie. Great activity for fancy pants, twinkle toes and princess panties. Hopefully a human priest named Chester wins the competition, beating out some little boys who don't know better.

Lamb Chop underwear
The special pair
That you can wear
Without a care
03/03/2012 10:51 PMPosted by Odimuss
Transmog = dress up barbie.

Tell that to this guy:

Dude had the Corrupted Ashbringer transmogged man, I don't care what anyone says that's legit.

Or this guy:

An original Grand Marshal. Do you not know these events are equally as much about paying your respects to the history of this game?

Barbie contest. Pfft.

This looks like alot of fun. Cant wait till you guys get to Scarlet Crusade!
Darn. Looks like I should get to leveling that Worgen of mine (;
03/06/2012 08:45 PMPosted by Decaez
Darn. Looks like I should get to leveling that Worgen of mine (;

Hmm what do I do about my chars on a single account that all look awesome? :P
What time on the 23rd? Or is that to be determined?
03/08/2012 04:12 PMPosted by Elm
Hmm what do I do about my chars on a single account that all look awesome? :P

Ha, generally the way we've tackled this one is it's up to you. We have indeed had players log in to multiple toons and get multiples selected into the initial top 20-25 for 1,000g. So they've quickly earned 2,000g - 3,000g (ish) for their efforts. We don't mind it because we pick the outfits, not the players. If a single player has maxed their efforts across multiple toons, their efforts may simply pay off in Round 1.

Where we caution players, however, is trying to attempt the logging in/out during later rounds. The judging through each round ends up taking about an hour minimum and we're constantly flagging looks temporarily and then circling back to them. You can see some of this during the videos from Tichondrius and Earthen Ring where we recently held shows:

We'll go looking for a player that's disappeared, and in some cases they've missed out on as much as 10,000g. So unless you have multiple accounts that enable you to have multiple characters online at the same time, I wouldn't recommend hopping after Round 1. You could lose big.

Just a couple of weeks away! We're gearing up the buzz for this one. Arthas is next weekend, and then Lightbringer follows! Stay tuned to PC Gamer Magazine as well, that may be around the time the article on these shows gets released. ;)

Also meet the WoW Factor classifieds thread on our new forums, where you can post "LF" or "WTS" very niche, hard to find BoEs that players are seeking cross-realm:
Lightbringer your show is next week! Get your looks ready!!!
Oh the prize package continues to grow for this Friday's event! Two collectible mounts from and we're nearing 150,000g in total prize gold!!/DEazeroth/media/slideshow?
(UPDATE) Round by round prizes:

First cut: Top twenty-five each win 1,000g.
Second cut: Remaining fifteen each win 5,000g.
Third cut: Remaining five each win 10,000g.
Final cut: Top two looks each win a Blizzard Store collectible mount, courtesy of Icy-Veins!

ZOMG get your outfits ready!

Get ready! :)
This was fun, I hope we see this again sometime soon.
An interview with one of the top two winners from the Lightbringer event, Vrexia, is up on

Some screenshots from Lightbringer:
Fun event, thanks Keel for taking this sort of thing to the next level. :)

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