Is playing a druid worth it?

Kinda feel like I should've asked this a long time ago.

Since the start of Cata, I've leveled at least 4 other classes to 85 apart from my Rogue main. Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior, and this Shaman that I've had from vanilla around level 20ish. As you can see, I mostly enjoyed melee classes and some tanking. I don't really do healing but done it a bit on a priest that I've leveled.

That being said, I've tried leveling ranged dps based classes, and while they're fun, I still go back to my original 85s since they're more established, have more achievements, etc.

I figured maybe a druid would suit me best, being able to perform all roles (ranged dps, melee dps, tank, healer) without me having to reroll all the time just to try a different playstyle or role.

That being said, I'm looking for generally a new class to play that I can stick to the long run (Rogue is extremely fun, but doing just melee dps in PvE gets redundant), so I was wondering if druids are fun and worth it for all aspects of the game.

Thanks, and sorry if my wording is a bit off :P Spanish is my first language.
We can melee dps, ranged dps, tank, and heal, and all specs are fun in PvP (not all are considered 'good' in pvp though)
03/04/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Sarror
We can melee dps, ranged dps, tank, and heal, and all specs are fun in PvP (not all are considered 'good' in pvp though)

Soory, should've mentioned I'm more interested in PvE. For PvP, BGs and 2s (maybe RBGs) would suffice.
I've been playing my druid for 7 years and I've loved it the whole time I've played.

I've played other classes, but nothing else does it for me.

Our diversity is awesome.

Can always be wanted.

Even in other MMOs I miss my druid xD
One thing though, for me, the melee sides of a druid (bear/cat) feel kinda awkward and gimpy. This is mainly because my first main was a warrior, and have always been a big fan of melee. So if you really dig warriors/rogues then bear/cat may feel a bit funky at least at first. The moonkin thing with balance is a bit better, but I still prefer a mage or lock to thunderchickens.

My druid is far and away my favorite healer though, (despite having played every other healer first) and overall it's a great class, flight form alone could get me over a lot of my nitpicky problems with them. Keep in mind, I'm not saying that cat/bear/moonkin are weak, just that I got used to their "pure" counterparts first so it was a weird change and led me straight to resto.

Edit: Oh, and for pure fun factor, they are very high imo. But keep in mind with gearing and all it's not quite as simple as a spec swap to fill another role, a lot easier than rolling another class, but get ready to carry around a lot of gear if say you want to be a healer and a tank.
03/04/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Aristaeus
but get ready to carry around a lot of gear if say you want to be a healer and a tank.

It'd mostly be moonkin and feral dps that I'd be interested in :P
I was sitting on the fence for about a year before I decided to roll a druid and I will say it is definitely worth playing a druid. My pally tank will always be my main, but playing a druid has been more enjoyable than any other toon outside of my pally. I have only tanked and healed on my pally, so I leveled as a kitty and boomkin to get a look at things from the DPS perspective, eventually I found I preferred playing a kitty.

Give it a shot, you certainly should have a lot of fun.
It's not worth leveling a druid at all...
Trust me
You already have a shaman. Which is the only class in the game that can properly dps like Darth Sidious. Stick with it.
Druids have ups and downs...

- True hybrid class for all 3 roles, and only hybrid that can stealth
- Pvp and pve viable in all roles
- Instant flight, instant swim bonus
- Dash and feral speed bonuses
- Feral tank/dps and caster resto/balance gear can be shared, even if not optimal
- Fastest gathering class, especially herbs

- Pvp as feral is quirky since they nerfed the form snare break
- Pvp as balanced is challenging to say the least. Nothing like trying to heal in normal form
- Instant flight means all those cool mounts really mean nothing to you
- Swim bonus is nice, but how much do you swim?
- If you like bling, then druids have some of the worst looking armor. Doesn't matter though cause you rarely see it since you're in a form all the time.

PvE wise, druids are awesome. PvP they can be, like any class, but resto and feral rule here, especially resto. I love moonkin, but pvp moonkin in arenas is extremely difficult. In BGs though, they're fun.

Just lvl one up and try it. I played a hunter for 3 years before going druid, and it's been fun. Just a side note, pally is the only other full hybrid. People think twice before attacking pallies (and priests), but they never do when attacking druids (or anything else).
03/04/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Demichelis
It'd mostly be moonkin and feral dps that I'd be interested in :P

Feral are doing quite well for PVE dps. if you have never played feral or rogue it can take some time to get used to the Energy and CP management but they hit really hard.

Boomkin is entertaining if you have a sense of humor, but you don't see nearly enough of them these days.
Druid is massively fun with all their little quality of life bonuses when you happen to be doing something other than fighting. The fighting isn't bad either.

Coming from a Rogue you're going to immediately find some things awkward about kitty. Basically half your cool survival buttons go away. No vanish (yet - mists may provide something similar), no cloak, no blind, no sap, no distract. You still have cheap shot (pounce), shadow step (feral charge), ambush (ravage), kidney punch (maim), glyphed hemo (rake), rupture (rip), eviserate (ferocious bite), and slice and dice (savage roar). The priority list for finishers seems a little shorter and easier to maintain on a kitty than a rogue. Talents allow ferocious bite to refresh rip, there is no shadow dance but instead feral charge (15 sec CD) allows you to get off a 0 energy Ravage without being in stealth, the trick is that feral charge has an 8-25 yrd range so you have to move out of range real quick. Another nice touch is that instead of needing CPs for Recoup, you gain heals every 6 seconds when you crit, ferocious bite can also be glyphed for a small heal. Savage Roar pulls CPs from any targets around to refresh, so if you switch targets you can use those unspent offtarget CPs to refresh Roar before you open up on the new target.

As you can see, kitty is a lot like a sub rogue with some small differences that make the classes play really differently. As a rogue, when you're in trouble, you bounce and live to fight another day. As a kitty, you shift bear, pop Berserk, and go to town - running away is for wimpy rogues ;)

For PVE, druid has a couple of little edges over a rogue that make you feel a little less like all you do is DPS. You can always pop some very weak, but possibly game changing, heals at the perfect moment. You always have Tranquility on standby (8 min CD though) for that whole Raid/Instance OMG We're All Going to Die button. And as feral with little use for mana (other than to shift to other forms) you can be a godsend to your healer's mana pool with a well timed Innervate. Plus you bring the Blessing of Kings/Gift of the Wild buff if there isn't a paladin around (or alternately allowing the paladin to run Blessing of Might while you cover kings).

That is all
Guess I went with it (This is OP). Feral is pretty awesome so far :3 I've already used bear form to save a group from a wipe once in a random dungeon ^^
don't forget instant flight form
and herb gathering and skinning in flight form. (plus Tauren and Worgen profession bonuses respective)

druids are amazing farming alts!
I see OP you went with Tauren+Herbalism
once you reach level 60 you could make So much Money
I used to play a rogue...till i rolled my druid...i have a blast healing in any pvp content...and as op said we can do anything with any combo you dps/heals dps/tank
03/06/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Disqualified
- If you like bling, then druids have some of the worst looking armor. Doesn't matter though cause you rarely see it since you're in a form all the time.

My tier 7.5 would like to disagree with that statement! Then again...its all about your personal tastes lol.
I have a druid ive had since vanilla, and I keep trying to make myself play it, but I just can't anymore. I feel like a big reason is the gear grind, i hate doing that.

Druids are pretty cool though, 3 specs that are semi viable in pvp and 3 specs that are viable in pve.

resto seems the weakest pvp spec currently, with boomkin being the strongest bg spec.

They are fun for sure though.

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