Server Economy Question

Burning Legion
Is it avg or low?
We recently had a priest transfer here from another server to join Advent and he commented on how much.. bigger, I believe he said, our economy was from his old server. His old server was Tichondrius. Not sure if that helps.
Make a level 1 and peek into AH. I came from Tich (high pop) to BL(Medium/low depending on time) Supply and demand are everything to an economy so depending on where you are coming from this economy will be different. Yes I felt this server was high on mats but very low on crafted stuff.......not really much to say about it. If you are trying to sell mounts, novelty items, or rare !@#$ good luck getting what you think you deserve. Alliance seems kinda broke buts its just my opinion. I have a Horde toon as well and the AH seems as typical as Horde gets.

Only took a couple weeks to change my game plan in the AH.
Good luck!
It really depends on the professions that you are utalizing and the amount of time you invest in the AH, I pull in average of about 6-10K per day utalizing

Enchanting/Jewel Crafting/Herbalism/Leather Working/Skinning and what addons that your using to post/check and re post your auctions with.

The right set of tools will allow you to make "X" profit on any server X being the time and effort invested in it.

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