(3/8h prenerf) looking for more!

<Anticon> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Lightbringer. After a small break in our progression raiding we have decided to continue on to more heroic boss kills.

We are currently Looking for any competent ranged Dps for Immediate core Spot.
Our raiding roster has been fairly small but dedicated. We never try to have someone benched too much. If you are a good player then expect to see progression often, if your accpeted to the guild. We try to maintain the balance of a happy, well rotated and well geared raid while ensuring that we have as close to the most optimal class composition possible for any encounter we face. As a benefit of our small roster, we gear all raiders for alternative specs and if/when the time calls, we expect you to be able to play that spec as well as your main spec. You wont just join Anticon as your main spec, you join as any spec you are capable of playing at the highest level.

Aside from raiding most of us have 3+ alts, and constantly raid on them just for fun. Once you become commited to the team, repairs are paid for and raid leader brings cauldrons/ fish feasts. Once we have fights on farm, if we arent progessing on the heroic version we commonly bring in alts or nonraiders just for the hell of it.

What we look for in raiders:
We look for players who share our passion in progression raiding. This is the time when your skills are put to the test and when the game is at its most exciting. Not only must you be a good player, you must also be analytical and communicative – if something goes wrong then your input could be crucial in resolving whatever is holding back progression at the time. We expect complete and utter dedication to your characters performance. We will make the best gear available to you so long as you understand exactly how to optimize every one of your stats, professions and rotations.

From you as a person, we enforce a no drama policy in guild. If you’re obsessed with loot, annoying, emo, or just a general douchebag then you’ll find yourself marginalized quickly. We detest forum and trade chat trolling and if we find you spamming crude/idiotic/inflammatory remarks on either forums or in game, you will be removed from the guild.

What we expect:
* Mastery of your class
* Open communication; the ability to call something dangerous as it’s happening and, if so, analyse what went wrong after the encounter and resolve it
* A stable internet connection that doesn’t drop out/lag/overly rely on a tunneling service
* A computer than can handle the latest encounters without massive FPS lag
* Ability to maintain close to 100% attendance
* Be able to take and act upon criticism.
* Passion about your character and the drive to make sure that it’s always capable of its maximum capabilities.
* Having all consumables readily available for every raid. This means flasks, potions, food, glyphs, and anything else you may need.
* You must be able to take constructive criticism.
* The ability to know when to act serious, but also have fun at the same time.
* Thick Skin. As people we’re rather sarcastic and love to take the piss out of each other. As raiders we’re not afraid to call it as we see it.

We use Loot Council, our GM and officer core decide who gets what, based on performance, attendance, and attitude. We would rather DE an item than give it to someone performing inferiorly in a raid.

Raid times: Friday/Sat 7-10 Pst

*High High priority Mage

Contacts: Speak with Jabbabot, Gnómester (alt+162), or Stirnum in game for more info.

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