Color of parchment behind quest text

I was working on the quest line that ends with "The Grand Tablet". The color of the parchment was more of a golden color then it normally is. What does this different coloring mean? I've also seen gray/blue on an alt before.

I've included a link to this particular quest below.
It is just a bit of RP. Rather than talking to a person as with most quests, you are reading writings on the tablet, so they make the background look tablet-y (?) instead of the usual dialog window.

They aren't completely consistent with it but often if a quest is given or ends with an object rather than a person you will see a different-looking window.
Basically, it suggests that the quest text is printed on something other than parchment. In this case, it mostly is just meant to be on a gold surface. Before Cataclysm shook things up, there were a few quests in the Old World that came from various objects or whatnot that gave you a different quest background. One that immediately comes to mind was a quest based in the Sepulcher, printed onto an old gravestone. The background there was granite instead of the normal parchment.

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