How do I unlock the Argent Tournament dailies

I have been looking for the argent tournament dailies, I can see the NPC that should be offering the quests but there is none. I have looked online and I can't seem to find much info on this.
Just to be sure, are you trying to talk to Justicar Mariel Trueheart in the Argent Pavilion on the west side? Also, make sure you are displaying low level quests. Sometimes I forget about this :)
Oh wow thankyou very much that was not the NPC i was going to :)
You're welcome!
Find the guide on Wowhead or something, its kind of clumsy and hard to get into at this late date. So looking at a guide would help lots.

My DK was playing around with that, after I got her to nearly 80, before going to cata.

It is a kind of fun thing to do, as well as the quests being quite fast at higher level, and nice to do with the yellow numbers that show you where
to go and such. I need to get back there to continue farming the white
hypogryph mount thing.
If you use the seals to buy pets and sell them, the dailies are arguably the most profitable quests in the game.

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