[H]<Panic Attack> 8/8 need rdps ilvl 390+

Earthen Ring
As noted in the title, we are currently in need of one ranged dps with ilvl of 390 or higher,
knowledge of ALL dragon soul normal modes. Applicants should be quick on their feet, consistent in their attendance, and ready to raid AT OR BEFORE raid time (see below for specifics). Players with references from past guilds or raid teams and/or destroyer's end are preferred. We are fun, friendly, and always eager to get that next boss kill.

You are expected to know your class, yes that means reading and understanding your elitist jerks page. Each member must pull their own weight, this is a team and we are only as strong as the weekest member.

You are REQUIRED to notify ahead of time if you can not come, attendance is why we are only 0/8 heroic. USE THE CALENDER!!!!!!! (for special circumstances/emergencies of course you will not be kicked on the first time).

Use it. Make sure it works. Listen to it.

Raid times:
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 pm to 10:00~10:30 (if needed) pm server.

Thank you for your time and interest.
.....if only you raided afew hours later (>'( *_*)
Oh hush you :P
Still looking?
If only you didn't raid on a Thursday :(

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