[A]Inglourious Allies 2/13H ToT (10)

Inglourious Allies is a level 25 guild witth 1 10 man raid team. We are comprised of a core of long time gamer friends and we value HONESTY RESPECT/COURTESY and GOOD GAME PLAY. We are known as a friendly and honest guild.

Raiders are expected to be fully gemmed, enchanted and in a valid PvE spec. Feasts, flasks and guild repairs are provided to all RAIDERS in the guild.

Our 10 man raid team and its needs:

Raid#1 2/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder
Tuesday 8:30 PM to 11 PM
Thursday 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Sunday 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM

1 Full-time Ranged dps
Druid Boomkin (with healing Offspec) or

Any back up raiders or exceptional candidates are free to apply as well

Minimum 505 7/12 T15 experience
95% + attendance or please do not waste our time
Valid PvE spec

Contact: Mysteryium/Tutelin/Diavoli/Chaosbull in game please

Casual players are also welcome in Inglourious Allies as we regularly run Transmog runs and do older content.
Raid2 /flex
Updated needs
Level 25 now!
Needs updated
Elemental Shaman LF PvE guild, willing to start from scratch and work my way up. im dedicated to progressing as a guild and have downed and done 8/8 DS! still need some more upgrades such as trinkets and 1 ring... willing to also xffer off Altar of Storms and xffer here!
Still looking for an Offtank for Raid#2. Perfect place for alts looking to go 1/8 H DS and 8/8 in 3 hours or less.
Always looking for exceptional players who want a short but progression oriented raid schedule.
Definitely interested. I run with a pug that does 1/8H and 8/8 normals on thursday, but Tuesday also works for me. I'm looking to xfer to this server to play with a friend..and this guild seems awesome. Let me know! I'm 390 ilvl tank, 388 DPS (Dbl souldrinker ;D)
Thanks for the interest. We literally filled that spot last night. Sorry and good luck on your search :)
I'm interesting in joining as either the Tuesday or Wednesday raid, whichever one I'd fit better in. I've done 8/8 LFR but can never find a pug for normal mode and I'm tired of trying to pug it. Plus I'm looking for a guild with people and friends to run dungeons with and get achievements with too.

Currently specced and reforged for demo, but I can also play affliction. My ilvl is 380 right now, higher after lockouts reset and I can earn more VP to buy another piece.
I'd be better of just puggin.
Always looking for exceptional players.
Always looking for back up raiders. With the end of xpac blues spots open up quick.
I'm in your guild.... and still looking for a group... XD
Can you use a warlock?

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