Therazane Quest Chain...where are you...

I've leveled a few toons and I just follow each quest step by step, not really taking notice to which ones go where...just simple fly, kill, loot, turn in for xp.

Well I'm not sure where I am in the chain for Deepholm, but I am not half way to 84 and I have yet to pick up a quest for Therazane rep (specifically the one where the rock guy kicks you).

Any help? I just got That's No Pyramid! and I've been here a while, so I've done the typical Airship, Escort the catapult, etc.

Like I said, I'm not which chain I'm on, but I remember my last quest was the one where you have to kill that guy after grabbing all the elements to make yourself immune to his attacks. Anyone know how to get from there to the Therazane quests? I really need that shoulder enchant. Thanks.

Also, that guy who gives the quest where you get kicked by the rock-guy isn't there. I've done /reload ui and he's still not
Also, I've been flying around Deepholm for some time now, and I'm still yet to find a quest-giver.
People have been swearing by the addons Wholly and Grail. I'd recommend downloading them from so that they can tell you what prerequisite quest you're missing.

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