Emerald Dream
The response over on the new community forums has been great, so I am posting this here for more to see. I like movies.....I really like making movies.....I have a strong computer and even stronger software to create said movies.

ED is known for its WPvP. Everyone should be proud who plays on this server.



Lol.... That is not a movie.. and the tunnel vision effect... Really?
You may want to learn how to use the program before posting.

No one likes watching 40+ people fighting guards
I liked it.
this rules!
Thanks for the positive feedback. Do not know why some cannot view the second. I think I know why, but no one seems to be having the same issue on the first. It is the music selection I am sure.

But thanks again. I am gearing up to be post a metric crap ton of wpvp movies....lol

And to the person who said to learn to use my software. Trust me, I do very well. Been doing movies for years now. I use Sony Vegas, Cyberlink Powerdirector and After Effecsts CS 5.5

I usually a combo of the three, but nonetheless very powerful tools. So keep a look out, because many more are coming. And thanks to the community as whole for keeping wpvp alive and well on this server. It's something that just about every other cannot claim.
Tunnel vision effect is really a horrible choice with the in-game UI showing. If you're going to use it, back it off when your UI is enabled.

Also, a scroll for narration text is terrible and not very professional. Not to mention it looks silly when Every Single Word Is Capitalized.

Lastly, if you're going to do anything other than pure filming, make sure you don't click, keyboard turn, and backpedal everywhere. No offense, but if you're going to feature your UI, people are going to interpret you as the star of the video and critique your play.
Fun. :)

Thanks for taking the time to make it, and thank you for the shout out to the dream.
is the WPvP that great on this server? Like will I find alliance and horde questing out to gank or big wars going on if I was over here?
Aight. Im on my way over lol. My servers dead on WPvP.
Yes Raul, Wpvp is alive and very well here inside the Dream.
Keep in mind though before you xfer. There is not one decent player on here that is 2400+ in arenas. Most of the people here backpedal, click and just straight blow. They are used to 50v1 fights
In before lolarena rating.

Oh wait.

I overslept again.
Regardless of what the above person said, the same class principles work throughout all pvp. But tactical usage changes from Arena to BG's to WPvP.

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