Want to Buy...

I am looking for one last item for a plate transmog set.

Symbolic Gauntlets

I will not overpay by hundreds or thousands of gold, so if you have this item available for a reasonable amount, please CoD it to me. Thanks! :)

Edit: Thank you, Babychoochoo.
I got you covered on the boots if you still want em. I also got the wrists too but I assume you may not want/need them, but they're there just in case you do.

edit: rather than make a new thread I'd figure I'd just post in this one and make a request of my own. Looking for either or both depending on the price:

Replica Soulforge Boots
Replica Soulforge Gauntlets

I don't have time to grind out the tickets required for both so I'd rather just buy em off someone. Hit me up with a reasonable offer

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