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So this is a long shot but I am going to try and find the perfect guild for me. I am looking for a high end raiding guild that wants to be 1 of the best. The catch is it needs to be a super late night raiding guild. Maybe one that starts around 130 AM EST or later. Mon- Thursday and maybe sunday. I play this game to raid and I like to do it well.

Looking to raid 20+ hours or something like that.

So I am a 401 ilvl legendary moonkin that is 6/8 heroic.

Will go horde or ally, 10 or 25 man. I do however prefer 10 man horde and on a good server.

I am ready to do whatever I have t do to be 1 of the better wow player. I just dont want to do it during my life so it has to be late, which is fine since I stay up late anyways.

I like to go back for a past tier for bis also I am interested in RBGS and alt runs.

Okay so just leave your copy and paste and a way to get back to you. Thanks and I hope some of you guys are what I am looking for. I can explain more and if you want and I will do vent interviews. Best way for me to get back to you would be realID or E-mail.

Please not the time difference and the time of your server.
hey we are looking for new ppl our guild stoped raiding 8 weeks ago or so but are starting back up we are 1/8hm from then but have 8/8 exp in the guild

raid night will be wed thurs sunday 7:30 till 11pm

Ultimate is a 6/8HM 25m Raiding Guild on Alliance Frostmourne. We're a GMT+8 raiding guild which raids 930pm-1230am GMT+8 Wed/Thurs/Mon ( 1230am-330am midnight Server Time ). Kindly apply at http://wow-ultimate.guildomatic.com
How late are you willing to start raids?

Our raid times are currently 1.30am-5.30am EST, but will change in a few weeks to 3.30am-7.30am EST to allow for NZ dst ending and U.S starting.

Realid: razthespaz187@gmail.com
<bestfriends> 8/8hm is recruiting for a 2nd core group for focused HM progression 3/8HM so far in our first 2 nights. Need 1 Range (Boomkin) & 1 Heals (Resto Shaman). Pst for info and apply online @ www.bestfriendsguild.enjin.com

All other feel free to apply also! as spots can be challenged for better players.

Real Id: farnzy26@gmail.com

Core spot 6/8hm 8pm-12 - wed thur sun mon - www.soswow.org

:) (cut it short so less spam) I can do a vent interview - but im not putting my real ID on a public forum, so come have-a-chat and we can swap info there.

Come talk soon
Hey Xamane :)

Serenity is an Alliance guild on Proudmoore that raids at 4am EST (1am PST, 7pm AEST) on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays (2-4 days varies on a weekly basis and depends on which team you're in).

We currently have 2 teams (5/8H and 2/8H). We're currently running short on ranged dps which is the main reason we havent got 6/8H yet.

You can contact me on realid (funkylikamonkey@yahoo.com.au) or mail this toon on proudmoore if you want to have a chat.

Our website: http://serenityproudmoore.guildzilla.com/

Look forward to hearing from you!

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