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What is the gold cap if any, would appriciate if a blue replied need a for sure answer
For character transfers?

Gold Limit for Realm Transfers:
Level 10-30: 300 gold limit
Level 31-50: 1000 gold limit
Level 51-70: 5000 gold limit
Level 71 - 80: 20000 gold limit
Level 81+: 50000 gold limit
03/07/2012 07:05 PMPosted by Beta
What is the gold cap if any, would appriciate if a blue replied need a for sure answer

This is covered in the FAQ for the Paid Service of your choice.

A level 85 has a 50,000 gold limit.

Your welcome to confirm the limit yourself if the character you want to transfer is not level 85.

Asking/Requesting a blue is unlikely to have a blue reply considering this information is more then valid.
no i mean the "max" gold you can have at once
It is just under 1 million I believe
03/07/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Wense
It is just under 1 million I believe


Max = 999,999g 99s 99c
This is complete balogna.

So I've done dailies, daily, (because I'm a WoW addict), over a long period of time (I've played since release), on 2 different characters on 2 different servers, and each has just over 100k gold.

Now I want to move 1 of the characters that I don't play as often (level 75) so that both are in the same guild. And I have to lose over 80,000 gold to do this? Sure, that's fine if you want me to slander and defame the game and the company on key elite gaming sites. This is absurd.

If you really feel that removing these caps poses a serious threat to the virtual economy on individual servers, then compensate transferring players in some way that does not render thousands of hours of playtime worthless in the process.

By god, you've given players free level 80s just for signing up for a month of game time. How about giving your hardcore, dedicated gamers the same.

Or, AT THE VERY LEAST, allow the gold to be transferred with the character SLOWLY, GRADUALLY, OVER A PERIOD OF TIME so as to lessen the impact of the addition of gold on the given server.

You try my patience.
You'll want to post on General, Cade, so that the Devs will see your suggestion.

Posting in an older thread, on a forum that isn't even liaison to the Devs, won't help get your idea to them =/
Normally players just buy commodities on their originating realm that they can sell high on their destination realm. They get to bring all their money and make a profit.

The other option is to transfer a guild. A guild has unlimited storage of gold.
This is the same player.

I'd like any other long-term players to share their ideas or thoughts on this if they have the time and the motivation to do so.

I have been a customer of Blizzard paying in the largest/longest method possible (6 months) because of my level of commitment to the game. I'd like to see some leeway allowed in what I consider a restriction that punishes players for enjoying the game.

Thank you.
-Arklin (Hyjal)
-Cade (Black Dragonflight)
The gold cap is 214,(000) ()=something,something,something or it was this on wrath of the lych king idk if it merged to cataclysm, maybe cata has a different gold cap i'm not sure...
Thank you for the advice. I will do so promptly.

-Arklin (Hyjal)
-Cade (Black Dragonflight)

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