No Portals v Warsong Battalion Video

Emerald Dream
Okay my fellow Dreamers. Another video showcasing your wpvp.

Warsong, this was created in good faith humor so please do not take it too, too personal. Overall you guys do a decent job of keeping wpvp interesting.

Enjoy my newest offering my Dreamers! And always remember, portals are bad for your health!!

And I was asked about my positioning in the video. Easy answer. When I am recording this stuff, I keep the viewers in mind and try to stay right inside the action as much as possible and get good angles to boot. Because as holy, you will not kill me in wpvp without at least a few on me.
Haha, love it :)
03/08/2012 02:55 AMPosted by Thankus
decent job of keeping wpvp interesting


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