The WoW Factor, Friday March 16th

The now 85,000g WoW Factor show is coming!

WoW Factor judges Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth ( and Neolani and Ironyca of WoWRoleplayGear ( are coming to town next week! Time to see who's going to rise out of the crowd here on Arthas and ride the social media wave! The last time we did a show, it was covered by PC Gamer! (article due out in March magazine)

We've got a prize package on the line for ALLIANCE players who are poised to show off their finest transmog outfits!

Round 1: Twenty (20) participants will be selected as FINALISTS for the top ten prizes. Each of these participants will receive an initial 1,000g for their transmogrified outfit (20,000g total).

Round 2: The second stage, where ten (10) winners will each walk away with 5,000g for their transmogrified outfit. Only looks that our judges deem to have that WoW Factor will walk away winners here.

Bounds Round: At this stage we'll have another 15,000g to play with and will likely reward an additional 5,000g to at least one player, bringing their total bragging rights total to 11,000g! If we see some crazy good Horde outfits, we may select them and just transfer funds via neutral AH after the show. But this will be 15k we're going to keep flexible and see what we see! It's a bonus round!

Judging criteria for the WoW Factor show is best understood by listening to the judges, themselves, critique a recent show on Earthen Ring:

You may also refer direct questions to us on Twitter and refer to our sites for transmogrification resources to fuel your looks.
Kickoff Time: 9pm EST

Keelhaul: @DEazeroth ( - hub for the WoW Factor)
Noelani & Ironyca: @wowroleplaygear (

See you soon,
Keelhaul & The WoW Factor team!
>.> what is this, is this some kinda RP sh*t?
1 word:

I wish this was available to horde players as well! >.<!!!
If Horde outfits show up and they've got the looks we're searching for, we'll do loads of vid caps and screenshots and get them up on the interwebs!!! Interstellar popularity > gold.
Is this still being held in the Ironforge, Halls of Explorers place? >.>
Why would what's basically a fashion show be done on alliance? Blood elves are clearly the only race who'd care about this.
We've held these in Shattrath as a neutral site before. Trickier for lower levels who are coming from other realms to watch, but it's doable.

Proudmoore yup, and Tichondrius, Lightbringer, Earthen Ring. I've made over 1.8 million gold selling transmog items on these realms so I'm not as quick to jump to conclusions about Proudmoore as others.

Especially when guys like this show up on Tichondrius/Horde. Corrupted Ashbringers and Dreadnaught. I don't care what you think about transmog, that's legit.
I gotta say, the attention from Horde for this is way higher than Alliance from what I've seen. If this keeps up through this week's reset, I'll faction change to Horde and we'll run the contest in Orgrimmar, Horde only. We hold no allegiances, we just want the bigger crowd.

ive been advertising for you >.< plus i got all dolled up.

edit: maybe horde just forums more, eh?
ive been advertising for you >.< plus i got all dolled up.

Haha glad to hear it. I'm not averse to a faction change or funneling it via neutral AH so this is good news for Alliance!

I'm also not clicking on your toon, but thumbnail looks like Lofty shoulders and Enchanted Thorium chest piece - TEXTBOOK, glad to see it!
Also meet the WoW Factor classifieds thread on our new forums, where you can post "LF" or "WTS" very niche, hard to find BoEs that players are seeking cross-realm:
Bumping and for those looking for rare crafted plate I have some I'm willing to make :) Free with your mats.
I am soooo excited for this I am almost flipping out! :D I worked hard on my transmog and I made it for myself and not even for a competition. lol was saying to myself a few days ago that I wished they came to Arthas and pow here they are! Even if I am not even picked I love to look at what everyone else has for their Transmog. Always fun :) Oh and welcome to Arthas! :D
Based on feedback I've received via email, we're going to hold this in Shattrath. There are some great Horde looks coming, so I want to be sure we capture them as well for the media coverage. THREE DAYS! Shatt. Cameras will be rolling, and we're arranging for livestream coverage/commentary of this as well.

Way to kill world pvp a55

Holding it in Ironforge wasnt stopping me and the other 200 people from coming just saying.

Wont lie if you move it to Shattrath ur probably not going to get as many people to show up on a PvP server.
I'm sure he's looking to start a constructive show, not encourage a general CF of world pvp :)

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