Hunter leveling partner help

I got my wife to play wow, and she chose blood elf hunter <lol>. Now I have to choose a class.

I love playing enh shamans, but wonder how much sharing the same armor would suck. Don't want to play rogue or priest.

Any suggestions? We wouldn't be pvping much together.
This is a very tough call, because personal preference differs from person to person. For instance I know some people that absolutely hate magic based classes, at the same time I know people that are the opposite. Here is an outline of the classes from what you have told me:

*enhance shaman=out (if you want could try ele or resto, but not all like that)
*death knight= out assuming she just started at 1 and your leveling together
*hunter= out (said did not want to share armor)

What we are left with (if you dislike caster shaman) is as follows
warrior= can get short ques together as a tank. Can choose any dps for quests
paladin= can be heals, tank, or dps. Again short ques if you can tank or heal.
druid= can do any role. Very versatile like paladin.
warlock= pet class with many key binds at max level. Getting overhaul in MOP so not sure how they will play
mage= not too many keybinds, more about the order you use abilities rather then sheer number to choose.
I would go with a tanking character to make life a little more fun for your wife. Some will say that she won't learn her class if she doesn't have to solo/kite every now and then, but if your wife is like my wife, she'd hate having to do it all the time. Pick something that makes it less stressful. She can sit back and shoot. So I would pick a pally or warrior (so that you're not taking same armor as her before level 40).

You could go frost mage and CC the crap outta stuff.

But I would say Pally is best. Heals for tight places, nigh invulnerable, tanking, short queues.
Druid, you could tank or heal for your groups, or even dps along side with her. (or Paladin)

Or go hunter if you do not have one, even though you'd be sharing the armor, hunters in packs are cool. :)

Go with the enh shaman, that way when mail/agi gear drops, you can roll on it and be like "It's okay sweetie, here, you take it".

Boom, brownie points.

Could roll with a druid, then you could switch it up to heals or tank for instant queues.
Go with the enh shaman, that way when mail/agi gear drops, you can roll on it and be like "It's okay sweetie, here, you take it".

this is funny. I still say Paladin is the best. You will never take similar armor but can still tank (as opposed to early druid) and heal. You will get your quick queues, avoid taking same armor, and questing will be quite easy.

I also recommend picking professions that do not compete with her as it will allow you to both level faster.
My friend and me rolled with the frost mage/hunter combo. Get her to tame a tanking pet and with the mage's cc you shouldn't have any problems at all. Just as long as the two of you let the pet get aggro before you start attacking.
When in doubt, druid or paladin. Zero gear overlap as a paladin, RP and utility as a druid.
blood elf hunter <lol>.

Why is that lol? Honestly? I'd say druid. Druids by themselves supply some of the most important hunter buffs and debuffs. Get her to get a cat pet and you'll be set.
i believe anything works, but if you really think sharing gear will be a problem anything other then enh and hunter will work just fine =P

for some reason i would choose a melee class probably a warrior, duno why though lol

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