Runic corruption or runic empowerment?

Death Knight
Which one is better for tanking?
Right now I think Corruption is better for everything in the calculator.

Same proc rate, but Corruption will give you more total runes to play with than Empowerment per proc.
i think it goes without saying that most of us would prefer to have our resources predictable and controllable
Well, arguably Runic Empowerment can be better, but right now it just doesn't give enough.

45% proc rate on both. One gives you one full rune, the other gives you doubled rune regen for 3 seconds. If you had a 6 sec rune refresh rate, Corruption is three times better than Empowerment per proc. You'de be looking at something like 18 second rune refresh rates for Empowerment to be an equal choice for rune regeneration.

So really, what you're looking at is Corruption being far and away the superior runic regeneration method for both number of runes and predictability while removing the need for rune tetris while Empowerment is weaker in runes and unless you play runic tetris you have less predictable regen too.
03/08/2012 09:57 PMPosted by Archilong
i think it goes without saying that most of us would prefer to have our resources predictable and controllable

As a general case, yes, but I would certainly prefer RC over BT in its current iteration.

RC shaves off 3s on your rune regeneration rate as Blood (provided we still have the 8.33s rune regeneration--never checked).

BT = .33 runes / RS (will not work without fully depleted)
RE = .45 runes / RS (will not work without fully depleted)
RC = .486 runes / RS (assuming all regenerating; only 2/3 are useful; fully depleted not necessary)
BT might be preferable in fights where damage comes in bursts, though. Potentially if we see something like Hagara, the ability to pool three death strikes in a row like that could be useful.

It seems like a real stretch for it to be really desirable though. It probably will need to be buffed.
BT and RE have better applications in PvP because they have a higher burst potential, but I also think BT needs a buff. If it also reduced the RP cost of RS by 10 RP, that would be a change they could use. That would make BT give the highest runes / RP and come with the ancillary benefit of doing more damage.
I'de just like to see RE buffed to be the best for number of runes with RC and BT sorta equal.

Not sure if it'd be balanced but it'd be a nice starting point. RE should be compensated for its random nature and potential to be totally useless when it does proc.
Well, BT is essentially RE, too (kind of). BT follows the exact same mechanics as RE (except you push the button and it does the mechanics), so you can very easily waste a proc. It might also be possible to consume charges when you can't actually proc a rune, which would make BT an even worse choice. Hopefully BT isn't on the GCD, and hopefully it doesn't activate the GCD, either.

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