hunter transmog

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u love my mog
Mage hunter checking in. Now, where's a mage, I've not shot any in the last few minutes!
I based this set around the Black Dragonscale pieces and I'm real happy with how it turned out.
I'm not transmogged at all except my belt and still look awesome.
I think my transmog is pretty cool
I had to find one to match my hair, and to try to hide the fact that I am the Borg queen.
sweet mog bloodbliss!

I like mine! I play a hunter in full ds on a private realm currently. I love this recolor of DS, it fits an undead well!
Shaman looks best imo
Just got this cool pimp hat the other day :) I love it!

Now if i could just find the Darker colored version of the bow I have or a great gun, I think Id be happy with my Mogg look.
Rate me plox
You wish your me, but you can't be and if try you to copy me I'll hunt you down and sting you.
rate me
Gotten some compliments on mine..i like it.
Firelands one is better or Ulduar
First complete set I ever got, so I figured.. what the heck?
Goin for a "just hit lvl 40" and "hunter needing on str gear" set.
2/10 because every time i click on you it goes to the oops screen. happy?

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