hunter transmog

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hope you all like mine...took alot of time and work to find the right pieces...

I like mine :3
Like mine but still need a couple of pieces.
I like mine! I'm a !@#$.
11/30/2012 05:55 AMPosted by Lewdestt
I like mine! I'm a !@#$.

Haha, good one.
seeing some realy good one :P
Alterac Marksman. :D

Tier 1 (still working on it) + animal on head :)

Need to get Kara bow but never any luck
im using the elite pvp gear with a crown of distruction i think it looks good
my pve set is full brutal with the mv bow and crown ofc :D
matchs very well
Wearing a lot of T13 LFR-level gear, found a belt, boots, and cloak to match because I didn't want to have to farm LFR to get the boots and belt that could match. Ended up liking the boots/belt I found wayyyyy better anyways.

Went eyepatch because I still wanted to have some character flavor without sacrificing being able to see my toon's face/hair. The bow I got lucky with in a Naxx meta run I joined on a whim, I like to think it and my Hellscream's Reach tabard match really well :)
Suddenly, a wild necro! But xmog threads are always relevant so I'll forgive.

I'm not thrilled with this chest, I wish it were just a couple shades darker. But it isn't. Oh well.
I mean, say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, dude, at least it's an ethos.
i'll be using this one until i find something better.

That's a good looking hunter for me (except the weapon)
still working on it but like where its goin
I like mine quite a bit
I can't make up my mind. My transmog changes monthly.
I'm working on the tier set from Naxx..I change mine like every week.
My transmog
I think mail armor has to be the most boring-looking :c

Can't see the xbow i have on, it's about the size of a baby gnome. Best part is it hangs over the right shoulder perfectly.

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