hunter transmog

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<-- T1 + fire helm. Quest bow.
I made mine to have a rusty bone-like feel to it. Just threw it together this weekend. Thoughts?
I like mine. haven't seen another hunter using it yet, and it suits my character well I think.
Eat Dwarven made rocket barrage!
I have that gun in my collection with all my other prize guns. That is a good set for it! :D
I like mine. Shamunter.
theres lots of good trany's out there just got to have a good eye
what what in the..
This is it
I just got the gun. =D

I still need some good boots though...
<-- wins :D
I'll just leave this here...


<-- wins :D

I actually wouldn't mind yours if the tabard were green. Isn't there one "of nature" or some such that's the same? I don't know, I assume you're wearing the tabard because it's special. I feel like either a blue set to go with the tabard or a green tabard to go with the set would make it jump out at me less though.
Personally I'm going full T6. Moving eyeballs on your shoulders and head...classic. I still want the bow from BT but Illidian didn't drop it last night. Maybe next week. Another interesting one would be the AQ40 set if you like purple and lots of spikes.

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