"Tent-In-A-Box..........Part Two........."

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"You're welcome."

"If you could have a tent, in game, what things would you like it to include?"

"A lantern for light, sufficient material to make a fire to last throughout the night, and some Chilled Meat to cook by the campfire so our souls may be warmed by it. "

"I was thinking along the lines of a Mail Box, Bank/Vault Access, Rested XP, Cooking Stove, and an Anvil and Forge for the Big Guild Tents, and stuff like that, since they already have a mount with vendors."

"I first suggested a variety of sizes, in my original thread, from a simple one man tent for fishing, to big guild tent with a lot of functions."
I think the tent idea is wonderful .

Not everyone has the Mammoth mount with the venders .

Anyone who can cook can make a campfire, but it disappears after a time and you have to ask someone to make a new one or wait for the end of the cooldown .

A tent could bring the players closer together and add some fun to RP .

If I had a Tent-in-a-Box I would get the Raiders Delux size .

It would have my guilds colors and symbol,

Campfire for all our cooking needs,

Anvil and Forge for our Smithies, Engineers and Jewlcrafters,

Four mats for sleeping,

And last but never least, a Big Beer Keg filled with the finest brew that will give buffs that will cover our spells, strength, and anything els .
"I like your ideas."
Woah the tent thread is back! Yay!
"I was wandering through the panda Starting area, and thought, it would be so much fun, to go camping."
"It just hit me.......it needs a refrigerator."
"Halloween is finally over. It's time to get back to business of getting our in game Tents."
"The heart of Winter is almost upon us. Then comes the slow change into Spring, and the thought of Camping and Fishing. Time to dust off the flint and tinder, and resume our talk about in game tents."

/Big Grin
"Spring is almost here, and Summer is soon to follow. The Time For Tents Is Back!!!!!"

/Big Grin
I still want this very much!
01/25/2013 06:35 PMPosted by Ashandrya
I still want this very much!

"A lot of us do, and I apologize for letting this thread get so old."
/shy smile
"We need to start a real serious list, of what we want the tents to have."

"I think we should start out with small ones, and win ways to improve them."

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